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Catie Rhodes

Catie Rhodes was born and raised behind the pine curtain in East Texas. Her favorite memories of childhood are sitting around listening to her family spin yarns. The stories all had one thing in common: each had an element of the mysterious or the unexplained. Those weird stories molded Catie into a purveyor of her own brand of lies and legends. One day, she found the courage to start writing down her stories. It changed her life forever. Catie Rhodes lives steps from the Sam Houston National Forest with her long-suffering husband and her armpit terrorist of a little dog. When she’s not writing, Catie likes to cook horribly fattening foods and crochet or knit stuff nobody wants as a gift. She also reads a whole helluva lot.
Peri Jean Mace
   1. Forever Road (2013)
   2. Black Opal (2013)
   3. Rocks & Gravel (2016)
   4. Rest Stop (2016)
   5. Forbidden Highway (2016)
   6. Rear View (2016)
   7. Crossroads (2017)
   8. Dead End (2017)
   9. Dark Traveler (2017)
   10. Wrong Turn (2018)
   11. Last Exit (2018)
   Let's Scare Cancer to Death (2014) (with Gregory Carrico, Eli Constant, T Fox Dunham, Rhonda Hopkins, Claire C Riley, Armand Rosamilia, Heath Stallcup, J Thorn and Mark Tufo)