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Anthony Ryan is the New York Times best selling author of the Raven's Shadow epic fantasy novels as well as the Slab City Blues science fiction series. He was born in Scotland in 1970 but spent much of his adult life living and working in London. After a long career in the British Civil Service he took up writing full time after the success of his first novel Blood Song, Book One of the Raven's Shadow trilogy. He has a degree in history, and his interests include art, science and the unending quest for the perfect pint of real ale.

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction
New and upcoming books
May 2024

Deep Magic: Volume II
(Deep Magic collections)
September 2024

The Road of Storms
(Seven Swords, book 6)
September 2024

A Tide of Black Steel
(Age of Wrath, book 1)
Raven's Shadow
   0.5. The Lady of Crows (2017)
   1. Blood Song (2012)
   1.5. The Lord Collector (2016)
   2. Tower Lord (2014)
   3. Queen of Fire (2015)
   A Duel of Evils (2017)
   Many Are the Dead (2018)
   Songs of the Dark (2021)
Slab City Blues
   1. Slab City Blues (2014)
   2. A Song for Madame Choi (2014)
   3. A Hymn To Gods Long Dead (2012)
   4. The Ballad of Bad Jack (2013)
   5. An Aria for Ragnarok (2015)
Draconis Memoria
   0.5. Sandrunners (2016)
   1. The Waking Fire (2016)
   2. The Legion of Flame (2017)
   3. The Empire of Ashes (2018)
Raven's Blade
   1. The Wolf's Call (2019)
   2. The Black Song (2020)
Seven Swords
   1. A Pilgrimage of Swords (2019)
   2. The Kraken's Tooth (2020)
   3. City of Songs (2021)
   4. To Blackfyre Keep (2022)
   5. Across the Sorrow Sea (2023)
   6. The Road of Storms (2024)
Covenant of Steel
   1. The Pariah (2021)
   2. The Martyr (2022)
   3. The Traitor (2023)
   Fire Wings (2022)
   Born of an Iron Storm (2025)
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Novellas and Short Stories
Series contributed to
Deep Magic collections
   2. The Best of Deep Magic: Anthology Two (2021) (with others)
   3. Deep Magic: Third Collection (2020) (with others)
   4. Deep Magic: Fourth Collection (2021) (with others)
   Deep Magic: Volume II (2024) (with others)
Anthony Ryan recommends
How to Become the Dark Lord (and Die Trying) (2024)
(Dark Lord Davi, book 1)
Django Wexler
"Django Wexler takes the concept of progression fantasy to a whole new level in this darkly comic delight of a novel. Finding comedic, and sometimes tragic, potential in the absurdities and contradictions offered by well worn fantasy tropes, How to Become a Dark Lord and Die Trying works wonderfully as both satire and tribute."
Dark Water Daughter (2023)
(Winter Sea, book 1)
H M Long
"H.M. Long's Dark Water Daughter is a deftly executed and highly entertaining combination of high seas adventure and flintlock fantasy, enriched by a duo of engaging leads and an original take on magic. A tale that deserves to rank alongside RJ Barker's The Bone Ships and Robin Hobb's The Liveship Traders in the top rank of maritime fantasy."
The Children of Gods and Fighting Men (2022)
(Gael Song, book 1)
Shauna Lawless
"Highlander meets The Last Kingdom as feuding clans of magical undying vie for control of tenth-century Ireland in this assured and captivating debut. Themes of motherhood and conflicted obligation lie at the heart of Shauna Lawless's historical fantasy, explored through the eyes of two powerful women compelled to navigate a land where men hold sway, or think they do. I was hooked from page one."

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Books containing stories by Anthony Ryan
The King Must Fall (2022)
edited by
Sarah Chorn, Adrian Collins and Mike Myers
Grimdark Magazine Issue #10 (2017)
(Grimdark Magazine, book 10)
Unfettered II (2016)
(Unfettered, book 2)
edited by
Shawn Speakman

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