Hugh C Rae's picture

Hugh C Rae

(Hugh Crauford Rae)
Scotland (b.1935)

aka James Albany, Robert Crawford, R B Houston, Stuart Stern, Jessica Stirling

Genres: Mystery
Skinner (1965)
Night Pillow (1967)
A Few Small Bones (1968)
     aka The House at Balnesmoor
Cockleburr (1969) (as by Robert Crawford)
     aka Pay As You Die
Interview (1969)
The Shroud Society (1969) (as by Robert Crawford)
Kiss the Boss Goodbye (1970) (as by Robert Crawford)
Saturday Epic (1970)
The Badger's Daughter (1971) (as by Robert Crawford)
The Marksman (1971)
The Shooting Gallery (1972)
Whip Hand (1972) (as by Robert Crawford)
Two for the Grave (1972) (as by R B Houston)
Rock Harvest (1973)
The Rookery (1974)
Harkfast (1976)
The Minotaur Factor (1977) (as by Stuart Stern)
The Traveling Soul (1978)
The Poison Tree (1978) (as by Stuart Stern)
Sullivan (1978)
The Haunting at Waverley Falls (1980)
Privileged Strangers (1982)
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