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James Rouch is best known authoring fictional war novels, notably those featuring 'The Zone', a hypothetical battleground in central Europe during World War III. The first of these was entitled Hard Target and was published in 1980, with ten novels so far published in the series. Rouch is a founding member of the literary adviser service, Author Management. Originally created as a literary agent service for new writers, Author Management has since become a literary and manuscript advisory company, providing authors with advice and assistance in polishing their writing and help in navigating the publishing industry. This change was predicated by the fact that Rouch suffered a leg amputation and could no longer travel as he once did as a literary agent. He currently resides in UK south coast resort and convention city of Bournemouth.

Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller
   1. Hard Target (1980)
   2. Blind Fire (1980)
   3. Hunter Killer (1981)
   4. Sky Strike (1981)
   5. Overkill (1982)
   6. Plague Bomb (1986)
   7. Killing Ground (1988)
   8. Civilian Slaughter (1989)
   9. Body Count (1990)
Non fiction
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