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Jordy Rosenberg is an associate professor at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where he teaches eighteenth-century literature and queer/trans theory. He lives in New York City and Northampton, Massachusetts.

Genres: Historical
Jordy Rosenberg recommends
It Is Wood, It Is Stone (2020)
Gabriella Burnham
"An absorbing and remarkably assured debut, It Is Wood, It Is Stone marries taut, cinematic suspense with intimate, textured domestic realism. Hits a major refresh button on the genre of psychological thriller and gives us something immensely satisfying and new."
The Thirty Names of Night (2020)
Zeyn Joukhadar
"Stunning...vivid, visceral, and urgent....This clarifying and moving tale has far-reaching significance and appeal."
Detransition, Baby (2021)
Torrey Peters
"Torrey Peters just took everything that couldn't be done, and did it ... Plenty of books are good; this book is alive."
The Recent East (2021)
Thomas Grattan
"An epic that blossoms more than sprawls, The Recent East is capacious in its scope and generously, exquisitely controlled in its pacing and language. This is not a novel that falls through on its promises; every sentence renews the possibility of entering the world of this book, every page offers a new seduction."
Sorrowland (2021)
Rivers Solomon
"A furious utopia. Utterly compelling, brilliant and terrifying. Sorrowland seizes the history of white supremacy, racist medical experimentation, and the dream - and danger - of the commune and gnashes it into something magnificent and truly reparative. An epic fantasy that interweaves righteous, large-scale confrontations with power, extremely sexy and moving erotic gothic horror, and exquisite, meticulous renderings of the daily life of parenting. This is a fairy tale for adults, spangled in the wreckage of the world. A gorgeous, singular, and profound work."
Future Feeling (2021)
Joss Lake
"Future Feeling marks a delightful contribution to the ultra contemporary sci-fi canon. Like (and unlike) the best of cyberpunk, Lake transforms the alienation and flatness of technoculture into a fully dimensional and absorbing alternate reality complete with sprawling queer resistance movements, t4t flirting/obsessions, and sexy magic plant life. And like the best humor writing, Future Feeling is ridiculously fun and smart, and accomplishes that rare and difficult goal: the conversion of anxiety into laughter. I loved this book. It is about the internet, but it is more fun than the internet!"
Dead Collections (2022)
Isaac Fellman
"A moving and provocative novel, that caresses the decay nibbling at the hard edges of postmodern officescapes, exposing a sexy, neurotic, cinematic vampire love story bubbling up from the ruins."
The Night Burns Bright (2022)
Ross Barkan
"Captivating from the very first page, The Night Burns Bright is a consummate thriller from the pen of a philosopher-poet. Barkan has done something wonderful, subtle, and brilliant here: in the character of Lucien - a young boy whose subjectivity is cast in the fires of 9/11 - we find a contemporary Virgil, a trusted guide to the sweep of time, ruin, and the small beauties that have defined the early 21st century. Rarely has a character been such a fully-fleshed out, heartfelt, addictively readable historian of our times."

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