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Joy Ann Ribar is a Wisconsin native with Scandinavian roots. Enjoy her hygge-style mysteries featuring sass, bakery, wine and crime! A semi-retired English instructor, Joy has taught writing courses for high schoolers and college students for 20 years. She holds a BA in Journalism from UW-Madison and an MS in Education from UW-Oshkosh. She enjoys traveling, birding, baking, wineries and exploring the outdoors. In 2022, Joy and husband John traded the sticks-and-bricks life for a full-time RV gypsy one. If you see her in your town, please stop to chat. If you'd like your local bookstore to have Joy as its guest, email Joy at or connect on social media!

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New and upcoming books
Deep Lakes Cozy Mystery
   0.5. Deep Flakes Christmas (2020)
   1. Deep Dark Secrets (2019)
   2. Deep Bitter Roots (2020)
   3. Deep Green Envy (2021)
   4. Deep Dire Harvest (2022)
   5. Deep Wedded Blues (2024)

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