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Kelle Z Riley

Kelle Z. Riley is a Ph.D. scientist, a third degree black belt, a self-defense instructor, and a world traveler who calls the Chicago suburbs home. A finalist in the prestigious Romance Writers’ of America Golden Heart contest, she has published three novellas with Echelon press, prior to introducing her debut novel, Dangerous Affairs. Married for over ten years, she finds inspiration in her real-life hero of a husband, who patiently shares her affection with dozens of fictional heroes and believes that, on some level, they are all a reflection of him.

Genres: Cozy Mystery
   A Delicious Dessert (2017) (with Katrina A Bauer, Megan Kelly, Sherrill Lee, Cindy Maday, Cheryl Lynn Neumann, Rachael Passan, Savannah Reynard, Shelley Tracy and A Lynne Wall)
   Crazy Buffet (2018) (with Blaire Adams, Calvin Beam, Elijah David, Max Hernandez, Jonathan Hixson, J Smith Kirkland, Peter Sculley and Gary Sedlacek)
   Crazy Buffet: BBQ Edition (2019) (with Marcus Brian Bankstone, Calvin Beam, Elijah David, Jerry Harwood, J Smith Kirkland, Joe Petrie, Gary Sedlacek and Riley C Shannon)
Non fiction