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Miles Rozak

Miles Rozak has a transmogrified laser cannon hidden under his bed that he secretly built in his basement. At night, he drags it out and sneaks into the woods, careful not to disturb his wife.

Deep in that forest, the monsters fall, spattering against the woodland trunks at the force of his cannon's blast.

The next morning, Miles sits down and writes about his experiences.

Miles is the author of Blackout Invasion, a young hero's journey set in a military scifi context, and Blackout Warden, a grittier military scifi series set eleven years later with co-author Ethan Bristol.

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Genres: Science Fiction
New and upcoming books
October 2024

Galactic Titan
(Alien Ship for Sale, book 5)
Blackout Invasion
   Blackout Invasion (omnibus) (2020)
Mercenary Galaxy (with Ethan Bristol)
   1. Mercenary Warden (2020)
   2. Galactic Marines (2021)
Alien Ship for Sale
   1. Starship Found, Child Missing (2023)
   2. Star Centurion (2023)
   3. The Son Returns (2023)
   4. Code Red Bounty (2024)
   5. Galactic Titan (2024)

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