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Felix R. Savage is an epic fantasy author based in Japan. Married with two daughters and two cats
Felix R Savage is  just your average reader who couldn't find enough great science fiction, so he  turned to writing it himself. Felix  lives in Tokyo and  spends his my days at the  office participating, with poorly concealed ambivalence, in the preparations for our planet to be taken over by robots.

He is actually quite optimistic and  loves telling stories about the future, because no matter how much technology changes, human beings never do!.

Genres: Science Fiction
Series contributed to
Mohs 5.5 (with David Bruns, Peter Cawdron, Daniel Dominguez, Randall Hayes, Ralph Kern, Gerald M Kilby, A J McWain, Simon Morden, Bill Patterson, Anton Petrov, Douglas Phillips, Paul Van Rompaye and Kalene Williams)
   2. Mars (2021)