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Jeff Kirkham

Jeff Kirkham spent almost 29 years as a Green Beret (18ZVW7/W8), with years "boots on the ground" in Afghanistan and Iraq as a member of a counter terrorist direct action unit. Somehow, he has managed to study 6 foreign languages, earn a Bachelor's of Science, write 3 books (a 4th book is in editing), earn multiple registered patents (one of which is the RATS Tourniquet), and manage his passion project; ReadyMan. Oh, and he's a father of two rambunctious little boys. The joke around the office is that if a Neanderthal, James Bond, and Q had a baby, it would be Jeff.

Genres: Science Fiction
Black Autumn
   1. Black Autumn (2018) (with Jason Ross)
   2. Conquistadors (2019) (with Jason Ross)
   3. Black Autumn Travelers (2019) (with Jason Ross)
   4. The Last Air Force One (2019) (with Jason Ross)
   5. Fragments of America (2020) (with L L Akers, Josh Brooks, Boyd Craven, Arthur Dorst, Adam Fullman, George Grimm, Paul Knoch, Jason Ross, Chris Serfustini and R Chris Yates)