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Rich Restucci

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Rich Restucci is a practicing chemist living in Pembroke Massachusetts. He resides with his lovely wife, three children, and a permanent hangover. He enjoys drinking beer, stocking up on weapons and supplies, playing with explosives and reading/writing anything zombie related. An up and coming writer, Rich is currently working on two series set in the same undead world: The Run Series, and the Theories Series.. Rich's work can be found on the fiction section of Homepage of the, or you could check out his blog on Zombie Rich's novels can be found wherever books are sold.

Genres: Horror
   1. Run (2015)
   2. Run 2 (2016)
   3. Run 3 (2018)
   19 Gates of Hell (2018) (with Matthew Brockmeyer, R L Burwick, Byron Craft, Matthew Hollis Damon, Sean Deville, Jacob Floyd, Titan Frey, James Harper, Dane Hatchell, Marie Lanza, Frank Martin, Chris Miller, Jason Offutt, Alberto Pupo, Brandon Scott, James Watts and Ryan Wilson)