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Alison Stuart


Alison always wanted to be a writer.  

As a teenager she scribbled turgid historical novels in shorthand notebooks (which she is embarrassed to say are probably still in existence somewhere in the loft).  As a young adult, writing took second place to university, work and children.  It was only when she dislocated a shoulder in a skiing accident, which left her stranded in a snow bound chalet in the Australian Alps with nothing for company but a notebook computer, did she dare to write the story that had been tugging at her sleeve for so long.

Genres: Historical Mystery
Tower of Tales (2011)
Tales From The Sergeant's Pack (2016) (with Cliff Beaumont, Paul Bennett, David Cook, Francine Howarth, C C Hunter, Daniel Methwell and Jacqueline Reiter)
The Hauntings of Livingstone Hall (2017) (with Carol Challis, Ebony McKenna, Denise Ogilvie, Eliza Renton, Louise Reynolds and Sarah J Wolfe)