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Kate Tremayne

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aka Pauline Bentley, Alison Stuart

As a child, Kate Tremayne was fascinated with Greek mythology and from that grew her love of history and tales of valour and adventure. Her childhood holidays were spent in Cornwall and she still makes regular pilgrimages back there.

Genres: Historical Romance, Romance
Lure of Trevowan (1988) (as by Pauline Bentley)
Song of Wychaven (1989) (as by Pauline Bentley)
Rebel Harvest (1992) (as by Pauline Bentley)
Fallen Angels (1993) (as by Pauline Bentley)
Innocence Betrayed (1994) (as by Alison Stuart)
Marriage Rites (1995) (as by Pauline Bentley)
Loyalty Defiled (1999) (as by Alison Stuart)
Sunlight and Shadows (2016)