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USA Today bestselling novelist Antoinette Stockenberg grew up wanting be a cowgirl and have her own horse (her great-grandfather bred horses for the carriage trade back in the old country), but the geography just didn't work out: there weren't many ranches in Chicago. Her other, more doable dream was to write books, and after stints as secretary, programmer, teacher, grad student, boatyard hand, office manager and magazine writer (in that order), she achieved that goal, writing over a dozen novels, several of them with paranormal elements. One of them is the RITA award-winning EMILY'S GHOST.
Rita Awards Best Novel winner (1993) : Emily's Ghost

Antoinette Stockenberg recommends
You Again (1996)
Peggy Nicholson
"Wonderfully original, thoroughly enchanting - sure to please lovers of romance and cats alike."

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