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Gabi Stevens

USA flag (b.1961)

Gabi Stevens travels the world with her robotics engineer husband and her three incredible daughters (Reality: she went to Europe last summer with her family, but lives in New Mexico). Because she is fluent in three languages and knows Latin, her abilities are in demand from many different factions (Reality: she has Hungarian relatives who needed her to translate to her family and students to whom she taught English and Latin) and her knowledge has helped numerable writers in their quest for publication (Reality: she has presented many writing workshops and has a critique group). Her latest novels feature fairy godmothers. Her current release is Wishful Thinking, from Tor books. Gabi claims no magical powers of her own. You can find her at; at her blog,; or on Twitter or Facebook, unless she's off on one of her world tours (Reality: she's at home with her two dogs).

Genres: Paranormal Romance
   Preternatural (2016)
   Rescued (2018) (with Marilyn Baxter, Diane Benefiel, joan bird, Cindy Holby, Sheri Humphreys, L P Maxa and Emily Mims)