Hilary St. George Saunders

UK flag (1898 - 1951)

aka Francis Beeding, Barum Browne, Cornelius Cofyn, David Pilgrim, John Somers

Saunders, who became known during the second world war for his books and pamphlets, 'The Battle of Britain', 'Bomber Command', 'Coastal Command', etc., which he wrote officially and anonymously for the Government, and subsequently for the 'Red Beret' and 'Green Beret'. The Sleeping Bacchus is his scarce first and only novel, the story of an art robbery.
   The Brethren of the Axe (1926) (as by John Somers)
   The Devil and XYZ (1931) (as by Barum Browne)
   The Death-Riders (1935) (as by Cornelius Cofyn)
   The Emperor's Servant (1946) (as by David Pilgrim)
   The Sleeping Bacchus (1951)
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Hilary St. George Saunders recommends
Let Me Explain You (2015)
Annie Liontas
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The Man Who Shot Out My Eye Is Dead (2017)
Chanelle Benz
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No Other World (2017)
Rahul Mehta
"What a compelling, magical, big-hearted book."

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