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Francis Beeding

A pseudonym used by John Palmer, Hilary St. George Saunders

Francis Beeding is the pseudonym used by two British male writers, John Leslie Palmer (1885-1944) and Hilary St George Saunders (1898-1951). The pseudonym was a joint effort and was apparently chosen because Palmer always wanted to be called Francis and Saunders had once owned a house in the Sussex village of Beeding.

The pair met when undergraduates at Oxford and remained friends when they both worked at the League of Nations in Geneva and it was while there that they decided to collaborate on writing detective novels.
Alistair Granby
   The Six Proud Walkers (1928)
   Pretty Sinister (1929)
   The Five Flamboys (1929)
   League of Discontent (1930)
   The Four Armourers (1930)
   Take It Crooked (1932)
   The Two Undertakers (1933)
   The One Sane Man (1934)
   Nine Waxed Faces (1936)
   The Eight Crooked Trenches (1936)
     aka Coffin for One
   Hell Let Loose (1937)
   The Erring Under-Secretary (1937)
   The Black Arrows (1938)
   The Ten Holy Horrors (1939)
   Not a Bad Show (1940)
     aka The Secret Weapon
   Eleven Were Brave (1941)
   Twelve Disguises (1942)
   There Are Thirteen (1946)
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   The Happy Fool (1922)
   The Seven Sleepers (1925)
   The Little White Hag (1926)
   Death Walks in Eastrepps (1931)
   Three Fishers (1931)
   Murder Intended (1932)
   The Emerald Clasp (1933)
   Death in Four Letters (1935)
   The Norwich Victims (1935)
   Love Lies Bleeding (1937)
   Murdered: One By One (1937)
     aka No Fury
   The Big Fish (1938)
     aka Heads Off At Midnight
   He Could Not Have Slipped! (1939)
   The House of Dr. Edwardes (1945)
     aka Spellbound
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