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J F Straker

(John Foster Straker)
UK flag (1904 - 1987)

J. F. Straker was born in Farnborough, Kent and lived in Sussex. During the war he served with The Buffs and on the General Staff and then became a schoolmaster. His interest in writing began at an early age but it was not until the war when he had to spend long periods in the desert with very little distraction, that he completed his first novel.He was the author of twenty-five novels and believed in the importance of getting his facts right, thus many of his works are set in Sussex. J. F. Straker died in 1987.

Genres: Mystery
Inspector Pitt Detective
   1. Postman's Knock (1954)
   2. Pick Up the Pieces (1955)
   3. Motives For Murder (1956)
   4. A Gun to Play with (1956)
   5. A Will to Murder (1960)
   6. Murder for Miss Emily (1961)
   7. Death of a Good Woman (1961)
Detective Johnny Inch
   1. Dead Man Walking (2015)
   2. Tight Circle (1970)
   3. Dead Letter Day (2015)
   4. Death Mask (2015)
   5. Arthur's Night (1976)
   6. Swallow Them Up (1977)
   7. Death on a Sunday Morning (1978)
   The Ginger Horse (1956)
   Goodbye, Aunt Charlotte! (1958)
   Hell Is Empty (1958)
   A Coil of Rope (1962)
   Final Witness (1963)
   The Shape of Murder (1964)
   Ricochet (1965)
   Miscarriage of Murder (1967)
   Sin and Johnny Inch (1968)
   A Man Who Cannot Kill (1969)
   A Letter for Obi (1971)
   The Goat (1972)
   A Pity It Wasn't George (1979)
   Countersnatch (1980)
   Another Man's Poison (1983)
   A Choice of Victims (1984)
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