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Andy Straka

USA flag (b.1958)

Burned out medical equipment salesman who turned back to writing in order to finally justify his English major of many years before.A native of upstate New York. Lived in NY City area and Connecticut. Emigrated across the Mason-Dixon to Virginia in 1988.BA from Williams College where he co-captained the basketball team and his only other noteworthy accomplishment was meeting his wife of going on twenty seven years.They have five children, ages twenty one down to four.
Frank Pavlicek
1. A Witness Above (2001)
2. A Killing Sky (2002)
3. Cold Quarry (2003)
4. Kitty Hitter (2009)
     aka The Night Falconer
5. Flightfall (2011)
6. The K Street Hunting Society (2014)
1. Shadow of Drones (2013)
2. Flock of Angels (2015) (with Durrell Nelson)
Dragonflies (Books 1 & 2) (omnibus) (2015) (with Durrell Nelson)
Shamus Awards Best Paperback original winner (2004) : Cold Quarry