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In first grade, Janet Spaeth was asked to write a summary of a story about a family making maple syrup. She wrote all during class, through morning recess, lunch, and afternoon recess, and asked to stay after school. When the teacher pointed out that a summary was supposed to be shorter than the original story, Janet explained that she didnt feel the readers knew the characters well enough, so she was expanding on what was in the first-grade reader. Thus a writer was born. She lives in the Midwest and loves to travel, but to her, the happiest word in the English language is home.

Genres: Inspirational, Historical Romance
   Season of Hope / Sleigh Bells / Candy Cane Calaboose / For a Father's Love (2002) (with Carol Cox, JoAnn A Grote and Judith Miller)
   Scraps of Love (2004) (with Tracey V Bateman, Frances Devine, Lena Nelson Dooley and Rhonda Gibson)
   Bittersweet Christmas (2004) (with Joyce Livingston and Gail Sattler)
   Attic Treasures (2005) (with Wanda E Brunstetter, Tammy Shuttlesworth and Pamela Tracy)
   The Bachelor Club (2005) (with Rhonda Gibson, Bev Huston and Kathleen Y'Barbo)
   Bayou Brides (2006) (with Janet Lee Barton, Kathleen Miller (Kathleen Y'Barbo) and Lynette Sowell)
   The Prairie Romance Collection (2009) (with Lynn A Coleman, Mary Davis, Lena Nelson Dooley, Susan K Downs, Birdie Etchison, Linda Ford, Linda Goodnight, JoAnn A Grote, Cathy Marie Hake, Judith Miller and Kathleen Paul)
   Minnesota Brides (2011)
   Stitched with Love (2013) (with Tracey V Bateman, Andrea Boeshaar, Cathy Marie Hake, Sally Laity, Vickie McDonough and Pamela Tracy)
   The Immigrant Brides Collection (2013) (with Irene Brand, Kristy Dykes, Nancy J Farrier, Pamela Griffin, JoAnn A Grote, Sally Laity and Judith Miller)
   High Plains Hearts (2014)
   Westward Christmas Brides Collection (2014) (with Wanda E Brunstetter, Susan Page Davis, Melanie Dobson, Cathy Liggett, Vickie McDonough, Olivia Newport, Jennifer Rogers Spinola and MaryLu Tyndall)
   The Valiant Hearts Romance Collection (2016) (with Kristin Billerbeck, Darlene Franklin, Pamela Griffin, Colleen L Reece, Jennifer Rogers Spinola, MaryLu Tyndall, Marjorie Vawter and Kathleen Y'Barbo)
   The Stitched with Love Romance Collection (2019) (with Tracey V Bateman, Andrea Boeshaar, Cathy Marie Hake, Sally Laity, Vickie McDonough and Pamela Tracy)

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