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Sally Laity considers it a joy to know that the Lord can touch other hearts through her stories. She has written both historical and contemporary novels, including a co-authored series for Tyndale House and another for Barbour Publishing, nine Heart song Romances, and twelve Barbour novellas.

 Her favorite pastimes include quilting for her churchs Prayer Quilt Ministry and scrapbooking. She makes her home in the beautiful Tehachapi Mountains of southern California with her husband of fifty years and enjoys being a grandma and great-grandma.

Genres: Inspirational, Historical Romance
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   I Do (1998) (with Veda Boyd Jones, Yvonne Lehman and Loree Lough)
   Only You (1999) (with Loree Lough and Debra White Smith)
   When Comes the Dawn / Shores of Promise / Sure Promise / Dream Spinner (1999) (with Brenda Bancroft, Kate Blackwell and JoAnn A Grote)
   American Dream (2000) (with Kristy Dykes, Nancy J Farrier and Judith Miller)
   Harvest Home (2000) (with Loree Lough, Norene Morris and Kathleen Yapp)
   Autumn Crescendo (2001) (with Andrea Boeshaar, Dianna Crawford and DiAnn Mills)
   Cross My Heart / Valiant Heart / Other Brother / Mail-Order Husband (2002) (with Carol Cox, Lena Nelson Dooley and DiAnn Mills)
   Triumphant Hearts (2002) (with Susan K Downs, Taylor James and Jeri Odell)
   The Stuff of Love (2004) (with Dianna Crawford, Cathy Marie Hake and Kelly Eileen Hake)
   Silent Stranger (2005) (with Peggy Darty and JoAnn A Grote)
   Stitched with Love (2013) (with Tracey V Bateman, Andrea Boeshaar, Cathy Marie Hake, Vickie McDonough, Janet Spaeth and Pamela Kaye Tracy)
   The Immigrant Brides Collection (2013) (with Irene Brand, Kristy Dykes, Nancy J Farrier, Pamela Griffin, JoAnn A Grote, Judith Miller and Janet Spaeth)
   The Lighthouse Brides Collection (2013) (with Andrea Boeshaar, Lynn A Coleman, Paige Winship Dooly and DiAnn Mills)
   An Old-Fashioned Christmas Romance Collection (2014) (with Kay Cornelius, Rosey Dow, Rebecca Germany, JoAnn A Grote, Loree Lough, Gail Gaymer Martin, DiAnn Mills and Colleen L Reece)
   The Preacher's Bride Collection (2014) (with Kimberley Comeaux, Kristy Dykes, Marilou Flinkman, Darlene Franklin, DiAnn Mills and Colleen L Reece)
   The Brides of the Old West (2015) (with Peggy Darty, Darlene Franklin, Nancy Lavo and Kathleen Paul)
   A Sentimental Journey Romance Collection (2015) (with Dianna Crawford, Joan Croston, Cathy Marie Hake, Kelly Eileen Hake, DiAnn Mills, Kim Vogel Sawyer, Janelle Burnham Schneider and Lynette Sowell)
   The Stitched with Love Romance Collection (2019) (with Tracey V Bateman, Andrea Boeshaar, Cathy Marie Hake, Vickie McDonough, Janet Spaeth and Pamela Kaye Tracy)
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Series contributed to
   3. Better Than Friends (1993)
   California (omnibus) (2001) (with Kristin Billerbeck, Dina Leonhardt Koehly and Kathleen Yapp)