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Kyung-Sook Shin

Korea (b.1963)

Kyung-sook Shin is the author of numerous works of fiction and is one of South Korea's most widely read and acclaimed novelists. She has been honored with the Manhae Literature Prize, the Dong-in Literature Prize, and the Yi Sang Literary Prize, as well as France's Prix de l'Inaperçu. "Please Look After Mom" is her first book to appear in English.

Genres: Historical, Literary Fiction
   Please Look After Mom (2011)
     aka Please Look After Mother
   I'll Be Right There (2014)
   The Girl Who Wrote Loneliness (2015)
   The Court Dancer (2018)
   Violets (2022)
Kyung-Sook Shin recommends
The Accusation (2017)
"All we can do is to read these 'accusations.' Only that will save the writer who wrote and sent them out into the world at the risk of his own life."
The Good Son (2018)
You-Jeong Jeong
"Readers will be relieved that this is fiction, not real life. This book will pull you in; as you devour it, you might perhaps resent the author's relentless pursuit of the evil coiled within humans. But this, too, is human."
The Law of Lines (2020)
Hye-young Pyun
"To read this book is to be given a code to help decipher this indecipherable world. . . . The unexpected loss of an under-appreciated father and a misunderstood half-sister, their deaths wrapped in suspicion, brings the two protagonists into each other’s paths. Is their meeting a nightmare? Or does it bring hope? After making their way through this irrational world that the author has thrown us into, the reader will find themselves on surer ground."
My Brilliant Life (2021)
Ae-ran Kim
"To read Ae-ran Kim is to fall in love with her."

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