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Rita Mae Brown

USA flag (b.1944)

Rita Mae Brown is the highly prolific best-selling author of many titles including Rubyfruit Jungle, In Her Day, Six of One, Southern Discomfort, Sudden Death, and a memoir, Rita Will. With her tiger cat, Sneaky Pie, she also collaborates on the New York Times best-selling Mrs. Murphy mystery series, including Wish You Were Here (available from Turnaround). An Emmy nominated screenwriter and a poet, she lives in Charlottesville, Virginia.   

Genres: Mystery, Cozy Mystery, General Fiction
Mrs Murphy
1. Wish You Were Here (1990) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
2. Rest In Pieces (1992) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
3. Murder at Monticello (1994) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
     aka Or, Old Sins
4. Pay Dirt, or Adventures at Ash Lawn (1995) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
5. Murder, She Meowed (1996) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
6. Murder on the Prowl (1998) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
7. Cat on the Scent (1999) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
8. Pawing Through the Past (2000) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
9. Claws and Effect (2001) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
10. Catch As Cat Can (2002) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
11. The Tail of the Tip-Off (2003) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
12. Whisker of Evil (2004) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
13. Cat's Eyewitness (2005) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
14. Sour Puss (2006) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
15. Puss 'n Cahoots (2007) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
16. The Purrfect Murder (2008) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
17. Santa Clawed (2008) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
18. Cat of the Century (2010) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
19. Hiss of Death (2011) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
20. The Big Cat Nap (2012) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
21. Sneaky Pie for President (2012) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
22. The Litter of the Law (2013) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
23. Nine Lives to Die (2014)
24. Tail Gait (2015) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
25. Tall Tail (2016) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
26. A Hiss Before Dying (2017) (with Sneaky Pie Brown)
27. Probable Claws (2018)
28. Whiskers in the Dark (2019)
29. Furmidable Foes (2020)
Rita Mae Brown recommends
Bittersweet (1984)
Nevada Barr
"This is a knockout."
Mother May I (1998)
(Sydney Sloane, book 4)
Randye Lordon
"You'll ask for more than 'Mother May I' when you read this book. In fact it's a mother of a book!"
Once Bitten (2001)
(Melanie Travis, book 8)
Laurien Berenson
"Beware! Pick up Once Bitten and it will sink its fangs into your imagination. You'll read straight through to the end."
Flying Changes (2005)
(Annemarie Zimmer, book 2)
Sara Gruen
"You will love this novel."
The Dressmaker (2006)
Elizabeth Birkelund
"The Dressmaker doesn't drop a stitch."
The False-Hearted Teddy (2007)
(Bear Collector's Mystery, book 2)
John J Lamb
"Once you start, you can't bear to miss a teddy mystery."
Blinded By the Light (2008)
(Tess Camillo Mystery, book 3)
Morgan Hunt
"Three cheers! Morgan Hunt gets better and better."
Paris to Die For (2011)
(Jackie Bouvier, book 1)
Maxine Kenneth
"Great fun! Makes you want to buy big sunglasses and fly to Paris."

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