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Lizzie Lane

A pseudonym used by Jeannie Johnson

Lizzies first writing job was compiling the instructions for flat pack kitchens! She apologises for any confusion caused but its not as easy as you might think.

As a child she made up stories off the top of her head for her siblings, pretended at school that she couldnt read Janet and John just didnt inspire her whilst reading the Greek Legends and Grimms Fairy Tales at home.

It was an American author friend who suggested that Lizzie turned her hand to writing, so she did, drawing a great deal on her mothers history; her mother was also a great story teller, plus shed always had a great love of history, books and anything that stirred the imagination.

Lizzie currently lives with her husband on a 46ft sailing yacht, dividing her time between Bath and the Med. Sometimes they mix with the jet set and sometimes they just chill out in a bay with a computer, a warm breeze and a gin and tonic!

Genres: Sagas