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Path of the Berserker 3

(The third book in the Path of the Berserker series)
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A world destroyed. An axe to grind. And a path to infinite power. Welcome to my reality.

The prestigious Legionnaire’s Academy of Du Gok Bhong—an institution centuries old and one I never thought I’d qualify for, much less attend.

Yet here I am, a Gold Bracket contender and 8th Tier Core Realm Cultivator, starship-bound to compete with the thousands of other tributes from the occupied colony worlds across the stars.

For most it’s a death sentence. For me, it’s my one chance to gain the imperial status I need to liberate the Earth and marry the girl I love.

It’ll mean facing the demons and monsters of the Hell Worlds and the powers of the Cursed Stars beyond. But even that pales compared to the princess-sized cougar who’ll stop at nothing to have me for her own or the dark god still gunning for my soul.

I’ll need to play my cards right to stay ahead of it all. To grow in strength and power all while outwitting my enemies plotting against me back home.

They say getting an education is a ticket to a brighter future, but in a place where only one in ten survive—will I have what it takes to make the grade?

No clue, but when comes to survival of the fittest, no way is a Berserker going to fold.

Path of the Berserker Book 3 is a progression fantasy novel that contains immortal cultivators, an oppressive intergalactic dynasty, rage-inducing imperial bureaucracy, magical spirit beasts, fantastical martial arts and one pissed off MC who’s sick of it all. Fans of western style cultivation fantasy, post apocalypse and Xianxia will enjoy.

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Genre: GameLit

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