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Jody Lynn Nye

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Jody Lynn Nye is known for her numerous works of science fiction and fantasy including An Unexpected Apprentice and its sequel, A Forthcoming WizardApplied MythologyAdvanced Mythology, and others. She has collaborated with New York Times best-selling author Anne McCaffrey on The Death of SleepThe Ship Who WonDoona and other novels, and with another New York Times best-selling author, Robert Asprin, in his Myth series. She lives in Illinois with her husband and two cats of superior bearing.

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Young Adult Fantasy, Urban Fantasy
Stardates : Infinite Celebrations (1999) (with Julie D'Arcy and Susan Sizemore)
Cats Triumphant! (2012)
A Circle of Celebrations (2015)
Towering Yarns (2017) (with David Brin, Arthur C Clarke, Paul Crilley, John Helfers, William H Keith Jr, Teresa Patterson, Mike Resnick, Charles Sheffield, Christian W Smith and Janny Wurts)
Tales of Ruma (2018) (with Quincy J Allen, Robert Bagnall, D J Butler, Steve Diamond, Andrew Dunlop, David Farland, Jonathan Ficke, Julie Frost, Martin Greening, Daniel Hand, Ethan Hedman, Kristan Janz, John D Payne, Don Perrin, Aaron Michael Ritchey and R Jon Rock)
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Series contributed to
Planetary (with Arlan Andrews, Lou Antonelli, J D Beckwith, Bokerah Brumley, A M Freeman, Dan Gallagher, Richard Paolinelli, Benjamin Wheeler and Dawn Witzke)
4. Planetary: Earth (2018)
Anthologies edited
Non fiction series
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Jody Lynn Nye
Short stories
If the King Like Not the Comedy (1993)
The Party of the First Part (1994)
Psychic Bats 1000 for Accuracy! (1994)
Theme Music Man (1994)
The Growling (1995)
Muchness (1995)
Sword Practice (1995)
The Bridge Over the River Styx (1996)
Calling Them Home (1996)
Souvenirs and Photographs (1996)
What's the Magic Word? (1996)
What? And Give Up Show Business? (1996)
The Billion-Year Boys' Club (1997)
Bird Bones (1997)
Take Me to Your Leader (1997)
Don't Break the Chain! (1999)
Eagle's Eyes (1999)
Spinning a Yarn (1999)
Conscript (2000)
The Piper (2000)