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Valerie Sherwood

USA flag (b.1922)

aka Jeanne Hines, Rosamond Royal

Jeanne Hines was born on 1922 in West Virginia. She grew up in a preservative family, but she dreamed about doing something more than to marry and to be a housewife. She wrote while she traveled with her husband between their five mansions distributed on the East Coast.

She wrote gothic novels as her real name and romance novels as Valerie Sherwood and Rosamond Royal. She won the Romantic Times 1987-1988 CareerAchievement Award in the category of "historical adventure".

Genres: Historical Romance
   The Slashed Portrait (1973) (as by Jeanne Hines)
   Tidehawks (1974) (as by Jeanne Hines)
   Talons of the Hawk (1975) (as by Jeanne Hines)
   Bride of Terror (1976) (as by Jeanne Hines)
   The Legend of Witchwynd (1976) (as by Jeanne Hines)
   Scarecrow House (1976) (as by Jeanne Hines)
   This Loving Torment (1977)
   These Golden Pleasures (1977)
   The Third Wife (1977) (as by Jeanne Hines)
   Rapture (1979) (as by Rosamond Royal)
   Lovely Lying Lips (1983)
   Born to Love (1984)
   To Love a Rogue (1987)
   Lisbon (1989)