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Ari Thatcher

A pseudonym used by Aileen Fish

USA Today Bestselling author Ari Thatcher is the naughty side of sweet romance author Aileen Fish. Ari has always loved sexy romance where love takes the leading role. Reviews have called her work "captivating" and "compelling", and her characters "intelligent, intriguing and realistic.

Genres: Romance, Paranormal Romance,
Ari Thatcher's books for adults only

   A Romance She'll Remember (2019) (with Natalie Ann, Rachelle Ayala, Mimi Barbour, Tamara Ferguson, Traci Hall, Suzanne Jenkins, Taylor Lee, Nancy Radke and Alicia Street)
   Sweet and Sassy Prince Charming (2019) (with Cynthia Cooke, Michele Hauf, Dani Haviland, Taylor Lee, Jen Talty, Katy Walters, Patrice Wilton and Rebecca York)
   The Players (2019) (with Stacy Eaton, Dani Haviland, Taylor Lee, Stephanie Queen, Nancy Radke, Jen Talty and Traci Wilton)
   Cute But Crazy (2020) (with Mimi Barbour, Dani Haviland, Susan Jean Ricci, Mona Risk, Melinda De Ross, Katy Walters and Patrice Wilton)