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Dorothy was born in the northeast of England and still considers herself a "Geordie"even though her family moved to the south shortly after the beginning of the Second World War, when her father's services as a firefighter were required, firstly in Coventry and then in London.

She started her schooling in South London and, no sooner had she learned to read than she was continually being reprimanded for "always having her nose in a book." Moving on to a South London grammar school, she read her way through most of the fiction in the junior department of the local library, at the same time scribbling out little stories of her own to pass around her form mates, who were always keen to read the "next episode." Working her way through the adult library led her to a keen interest in social history and an introduction to Georgette Heyer's novels lit the flame for all things Regency!

Genres: Historical Romance

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