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HL Nighbor - Sweet, Sweet Surprise On Christmas Day during an uncharacteristic snow storm in Seattle, Savannah and her three husbands, Bas, Austin, and Finn find themselves on the ride of a lifetime when she goes into labor two weeks early. If it can go wrong, it does. Despite the challenges the day brings, it's all worth it at the end when they welcome their sweet, sweet surprise. NOTES: While this story takes place after the events of Sweet, Sweet Savannah, it can be read completely as a standalone. Nikki Bolvair - Frozen Heart Obsessed with the spreading of Winter, fairy prince Graupel has lost the ability to feel the whispers of Mother Nature, instead relying of logic and reason to plan his path. He doesn't have time for love, so why does Diamond Dust, a loner with an obsession for reading and illegal hot beverages, keep drawing his eye? Will Dimond melt Grapel's heart and teach him to love Winter once more? AJ Anders - Interrupted Max has a special weekend planned for Caleb and himself, but will a pesky invader ruin their plans? NOTES: While this story takes place after the events of Precursor, it can be read completely as a standalone. JL Akins - Brittany's Reason Since moving to a new town, Brittney Cay has a to-do list that has everything checked off on it but one very important item. Tell her parent's she's gay. Somehow, the time never seems right, but when she meets Jocelyn, her whole world changes. Can she be brave and keep the woman she loves, or will fear cost her everything? NOTES: This is a spin-off from Her Reasons, it can be read completely as a standalone. K Swanson - Draken Destiny Revisit the Draken United Universe in this winter short story of love and healing! When Oregaine receives an enchanted mirror as a gift, it leads him to Destiny, a woman he can't help but be attracted to. But Destiny has been hurt before and winning her trust, along with her heart, will not be easy. Can he convince her in one night that he will never hurt her, or is one night all they'll have? NOTES: While this story takes place after the events of Draken Genesis, it can be read completely as a standalone. Lyn Forester - Kiss Me Please Masa and Sota are on break for Yule, but Sota finds it difficult to get excited about the holiday when his mate is acting weird. Masa's with him every day, so why does it feel like he's pulling away. Can Sota figure out what's going on before their holiday is ruined? NOTES: While this story takes place after the events of Your to Me, it can be read completely as a standalone. ZL Morris - Arlia Deciding When three men confess to Arlia and ask her to try dating all of them at the same time, she has some serious thinking to do. She likes all of them, but can she commit to such an unconventional relationship? NOTES: This is part of Beji's Decision and should not be read as a standalone story. Arizona Tape - Beyond the Northern Lights Arctic scientist Ben has given up on love and committed his life, or what remains of it, to his career. Little does he know that Ym'e, an alien life form residing in another universe, has desperately been attempting to communicate since he was a little boy through The Northern Lights. When Ben discovers the lights have meaning it charts a new path for him. But how can two people from different galaxies date? How can they say "I love you" with only flashes of light? HK Khan - Frostbite Halo's love of nature might be the death of her, literally. Caught out in a blizzard, she finds herself unable to make it back to safety. But then a mysterious man appears, one she thought was a figment from her youth, and he opens her eyes to the magic in the world. Can love find a way in the cold of winter, or will Halo be lost? Amy Sumida - White as Snow A retelling of snow white with a steamy twist.

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Title: Nip of Frost
Author(s): Lyn Forester, ZL Morris, AJ Anders, JL Akins, S Swanson, HL Nighbor, Amy Sumida, Arizona Tape, Nikki Bolvair, HK Khan
ISBN: 1-983452-02-5 / 978-1-983452-02-4
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
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