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Joe Talon

Joe Talon is an author used to walking on the wild and darker side of life. A place where you're never quite certain if the world is full of rainbows or shadows.

Having grown up on Exmoor, Joe has been fascinated by the mysterious and spooky places that dwell in the dark woodlands and quiet combes. Joe has created a world just a little sideways from ours in this new series. It is full of shapes moving on the edge of our vision when they shouldn’t and cold spots in warm places. For Joe, there is always the question, 'what would I do if'?

The creaking door isn't just a draught.

The footfalls not friends but foes.

The scream is not a crying fox it is...

What spare time Joe has is spent with six dogs, lots of walks and exploring the strange worlds just the other side what we think we know to be real.

You can find Joe via joe@joetalon.com or www. joetalon.com

If you'd like to try Joe's first novella for free then please visit the website and download Forgotten Homeland.

Genres: Horror
New and upcoming books
Lorne Turner
   1. Counting Crows (2021)
   A Meeting of Terrors (2021)
   Forgotten Homeland (2021)
   2. Money for Old Bones (2022)
   3. Dead Of The Winter Sun (2022)
   4. Salt for the Devil's Eye (2022)
   5. Bad Waters Run Deep (2022)
   6. The Alchemist's Corpse (2023)
   7. The Spirit Glass (2023)
   8. The Dead Also Have Secrets (2024)

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