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Colin Falconer

(Colin Richard Bowles)
UK flag (b.1953)

Born in north London, Colin worked for many years in TV and radio and freelanced for many of Australia's leading newspapers and magazines. He has been a novelist for the last twenty five years, with his work published widely in the UK, US and Europe. His books have been translated into seventeen languages.

After a four year hiatus due to tragic events in his personal life, he has made a huge comeback with his latest novel, Silk Road, which will be published by Corvus Atlantic in October, 2011.

Genres: Historical, Mystery, Thriller
1. Jerusalem (2013)
2. Freedom (2013)
3. Zion (2013)
4. Israel (2013)
William Shakespeare Detective Agnecy
1. The School of Night (2014)
2. The Dark Lady (2015)
Magdalena Fuentes
1. Havana Girl (2017)
2. LA Woman (2017)
3. Saigon Wife (2017)
Detectives Charlie George and Clare Reeves
1. Lucifer Falls (2018)
2. Innocence Dies (2019)
Colin Falconer recommends
The Road Beyond Ruin (2019)
Gemma Liviero
"Tense, gripping, The Road Beyond Ruin is a haunting novel about war and secrets that will keep you reading long into the night."

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