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The Underhistory

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'Full of suspense and surprises' - GUARDIAN
'Wholly unique and deeply compelling' - ESQUIRE
'A heartfelt and chilling gothic tragedy' - CHRIS WHITAKER

People come to visit my home and I love to show them around. It's not the original house of course. That was destroyed the day my entire family died. But I don't think their ghosts know the difference.

Pera Sinclair was nine the day the pilot intentionally crashed his plane into her family's grand home, killing everyone inside. She was the girl who survived the tragedy, a sympathetic oddity, growing stranger by the day. Over the decades she rebuilt the huge and rambling building on the original site, recreating what she had lost, each room telling a piece of the story of her life and that of the many people who died there, both before and after the disaster. Her sister, murdered a hundred miles away. The soldier, broken by war. Death follows Pera, and she welcomes it in as an old friend. And while she doesn't believe in ghosts, she's not above telling a ghost story or two to those who come to visit Sinclair House.

As Pera shows a young family around her home on the last haunted house tour of the season, an unexpected group of men arrive. One she recognises, but the others are strangers. But she knows their type all too well. Dangerous men, who will hurt the family without a second thought, and who will keep an old woman alive only so long as she is useful. But as she begins to show them around her home and reveal its secrets, the dangerous men will learn that she is far from helpless. After all, death seems to follow her wherever she goes...

Sinister and lyrical, The Underhistory is a haunting tale of loss, self-preservation and the darkness beneath.

Genre: Horror

Praise for this book

"A wonderfully weird and creepy journey through a haunted house, peppered with moments of proper darkness." - Tariq Ashkanani

"A unique jewel box of a book - tense locked room thriller meets haunted house gothic, pulled off with immense skill." - Lizzy Barber

"Hauntingly creepy, this twisty, layered thriller will upend your expectations and spin you deep into a house of dark secrets. I utterly lost track of right and wrong, and was gunning all the way for my new favourite heroine." - Rachael Blok

"An elegant, Gothic delight with an eerie seam running through every page. Read on a dark, cold night if you dare." - Victoria Dowd

"Eerie, menacing, and totally original." - Philippa East

"Totally unique, I haven't read anything like this for a long time, not since the heady days of Iain Banks' unpredictably dark novels. The sinister suspense that builds up as elderly Pera takes us on a tour of her ghostly family home is masterful. This book will stay with me for a long time." - Jo Furniss

"Sinuous, slippery, and wrong foots you at every turn. I've never read anything like it." - Tim Glister

"Suspenseful, evocative, dark and original. Highly recommended." - Diane Jeffrey

"An original take on the secrets that houses keep, with every page drenched in foreboding. The Underhistory has all the hallmarks of a contemporary gothic classic." - Erin Kelly

"An inventive, layered haunted house novel, where ghosts reside amid the dust and each room holds its own message for the unwary visitor. Kaaron Warren is one of a kind." - Alison Littlewood

"Hauntingly dark and beautifully written, The Underhistory keeps you on edge throughout. There are moments of humour interspersed with tragedy and fear. A brilliant read with a wonderful protagonist." - Guy Morpuss

"A remarkable tour de force of a novel from a master storyteller. The structure of the novel is innovative and the tension never flags, while Pera is an extraordinary and satisfyingly ambiguous narrator. Startlingly good." - Leonora Nattrass

"Unusual, clever, poetic, haunting and utterly thrilling." - Louise Swanson

"A heartfelt and chilling gothic tragedy. Unbearably creepy, original and devastating." - Chris Whitaker

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