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Philippa East works as a Clinical Psychologist and therapist. She lives in Lincolnshire with her husband and cat. Philippa’s prize-winning short stories have been published in various literary journals and Little White Lies is her debut novel.

Genres: Mystery

Philippa East recommends
The Silence (2020)
Susan Allott
"Deeply engrossing … an exquisite literary thriller."
Imperfect Women (2020)
Araminta Hall
"A stunning example of the new breed of ''psychological thriller' with a deep dive into the conflicted worlds of three brilliantly-drawn female characters, irradiated by a terrible crime. A pitch-perfect, meticulously-observed and utterly absorbing novel."
Sleepless (2020)
Louise Mumford
"An original and action-packed thriller, with a perfectly unnerving premise that hooked me from the start."
The Favour (2021)
Laura Vaughan
"A heady tapestry of desires, secrets and entitled cruelties, suffused with the heat and shimmer of Italy... beautifully written, intoxicating... Fab!"
When They Find Her (2021)
Lia Middleton
"An unnerving and gripping thriller in which a split-second choice plunges the protagonist Naomi into a web of terror and lies. Deftly written and chillingly plausible ... a bold, compelling and clever debut."
The Colours of Death (2021)
Patricia Marques
"Patricia Marques debut takes the classic crime novel and the evocative setting of Lisbon, and utterly transforms both with a fascinating speculative twist. Pacy, immersive and brain-shiveringly clever. A brilliantly original crime story."
Her New Best Friend (2021)
Penny Batchelor
"A pacy thriller with a original cost of characters and stakes and jeopardy that build right to the end."
The House of Whispers (2021)
Anna Kent
"Unsettling, tense and thought-provoking…this is a fresh new psychological thriller that – like Grace – completely got its hooks into me!"
Five Minds (2021)
Guy Morpuss
"Five Minds spearheads an exciting new trend in speculative fiction, with a mind-stretching and irresistible premise deftly spun into a twisty, page-turning action-thriller. Clever, cool and thoroughly entertaining."
We Are Not Like Them (2021)
Jo Piazza and Christine Pride
"We Are Not Like Them is an extremely timely, brave and important novel. This much-needed book holds a lens up to our world and fiercely demands acknowledgement and accountability – a message which is all the more powerful due to the empathy and compassion with which Pride and Piazza deliver it."
Black Drop (2021)
Leonora Nattrass
"A riveting political thriller, set at a fulcrum-point in global history. The setting is viscerally immersive and the characters spring to life from the page. This masterful narrative of deception, intrigue and heroism unfolds with compelling pace, wry humour and acute psychological observation. Gripping, moving and utterly engaging."
On the Edge (2021)
(Jen Shaw, book 1)
Jane Jesmond
"Evocative, compelling and pulse-pounding, with cliff-edge suspense, riveting action and a plot as tricksy as a dare-devil free-climb."

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