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Chris Whitaker was born in London and spent ten years working as a financial trader in the city. When not writing he enjoys football, boxing, and anything else that distracts him from his wife and two young sons.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Mystery
Chris Whitaker recommends
The Devil's Claw (2017)
(Jennifer Dorey Mystery, book 1)
Lara Dearman
"Dark, haunting and full of twists."
Dark Pines (2017)
(Tuva Moodyson Mystery, book 1)
Will Dean
"Haunting, immersive and beautifully written, I loved every page of Dark Pines. Will Dean is a major talent."
The Confession (2018)
Jo Spain
"The Confession is jaw-dropping. Clever. Addictive. Beautifully drawn characters. Masterful storytelling."
Perfect Match (2018)
D B Thorne
"Crazily gripping, terrifying, and with a supremely well-crafted plot, I couldn't put Perfect Match down for a second."
The Tall Man (2018)
Phoebe Locke
"Mesmerizing and terrifying - The Tall Man more than lives up to the hype."
Killing It (2018)
Asia Mackay
"Bold and ballsy with style to burn, Killing It takes a sledgehammer to the spy genre and the result is pure brilliance."
She Lies in Wait (2019)
(DCI Jonah Sheens, book 1)
Gytha Lodge
"By turns elegant and savage, absorbing and clinical, She Lies In Wait is one of those rare debuts that stops you dead, commands you to turn each page, and leaves you piecing together a story you are desperate to unfold yet loath to finish. Seriously impressive."
The Silver Road (2019)
Stina Jackson
"I lost the whole weekend to Lelle and Meja and couldn't have loved it more. Deeply affecting and full of heart, yet a dark, despairing page-turner. A very impressive debut."
Found (2019)
Erin Kinsley
"FOUND took me on the kind of twisting journey that kept me turning the pages until the early hours."
Girl A (2020)
Abigail Dean
"Remarkable in every way."
The Familiar Dark (2020)
Amy Engel
"Beautiful and harrowing and everything in between."
Blood Red City (2020)
Rod Reynolds
"Brutal, brilliant and razor sharp. Blood Red City is pure adrenaline rush from the first page to the last."
The Perfect Couple (2020)
Lisa Hall
"Darkly addictive and impossible to predict, this is Lisa Hall at her absolute best."
The Survivors (2020)
Jane Harper
"Without doubt one of the finest crime writers at work today, a new Jane Harper novel is the highlight of my reading year. She has this knack of painting such beautiful scenes, only to thread them with such menace, such sheer atmospheric terror. Phenomenal."
Little Bones (2020)
N V Peacock
"A twisted, chilling journey to the darkest side of human nature. I burned through Little Bones in a day."
The Long, Long Afternoon (2021)
Inga Vesper
"Breathtakingly stylish, hypnotic and masterfully gripping. Inga paints the most beautiful portrait of 50s suburbia, yet each page scratches away at the sunny gloss to reveal the darkness beneath. Outstanding."
The Therapist (2021)
Helene Flood
"Dark, absorbing and richly complex. Helene Flood is a wonderful storyteller and The Therapist kept me guessing till the final, devilish twists."
1979 (2021)
(Allie Burns, book 1)
Val McDermid
"Unrivalled. Unmissable. Unforgettable. 1979 is Val McDermid at her nail-biting, heart-rending best."
A Narrow Door (2021)
(Malbry, book 4)
Joanne Harris
"Engrossing, cunning, sharp, sinister . . . kept me enthralled till the final pages."
The House of Ashes (2021)
Stuart Neville
"Moving, thrilling, tragic. The House of Ashes is a phenomenal achievement from a crime fiction Titan."
Demon (2021)
(Six Stories, book 6)
Matt Wesolowski
"A chilling, eholly original and quite brilliant story, Diety utterly compelling."
Vine Street (2021)
Dominic Nolan
"Savage, beautiful, mesmeric. It's impossible not to marvel at the detail, at the sheer richness of each and every scene. Dominic Nolan is a wonderful writer, Vine Street is a very special book."
The Maid (2022)
Nita Prose
"Fresh, fiendish, and darkly beguiling . . . The Maid is so thrillingly original, clever, and joyous. I just adored every page."
Real Easy (2022)
Marie Rutkoski
"Bold, compelling, brutal and brilliant. On the surface Real Easy is the kind of gritty, gripping mystery I just adore, yet it's also full of heart and hope and the most endearing characters."
The Undiscovered Deaths of Grace McGill (2022)
C S Robertson
"Twisted, twisting, original and sinister. The Undiscovered Deaths of Grace McGill is unforgettable."
The Love of My Life (2022)
Rosie Walsh
"A bruising and beautiful mystery that kept me guessing till the very end, The Love of My Life delivers on every level. I'm a huge fan of Rosie Walsh."
Reptile Memoirs (2022)
Silje Ulstein
"Original, sharp, tender and chilling, Reptile Memoirs is hugely ambitious and hypnotically readable."
Nobody But Us (2022)
Laure Van Rensburg
"Fierce, frightening, bold and beautiful. Clear your schedule for this one, Nobody But Us is savagely gripping."
After the Lights Go Out (2022)
John Vercher
"John Vercher takes a timely, yet tragically timeless, cautionary tale and turns it into something so heartfelt, so frightening and dazzling that it sits easily alongside the best crime fiction novels I've read this year. Brutal and powerful, I adored it."
The Botanist (2022)
(Washington Poe, book 5)
M W Craven
"It's got everything. EVERYTHING."
Complicit (2022)
Winnie M Li
"Bold, brilliant, dazzling and devastating. Winnie M Li writes with pure heart and effortless style, and in COMPLICIT handles the sharpest of stories with such compassion and skill."
More Than You'll Ever Know (2022)
Katie Gutierrez
"A sprawling, stunning, twisting triumph. By turns heart-pounding and heart-wrenching, this is a story of marriage and murder, of the secrets we endure and the lies we tell ourselves to keep them. So achingly clever and stylish, More Than You'll Ever Know is a special novel from a very special writer."
All I Said Was True (2022)
Imran Mahmood
"Original and ingenious. There's an authenticity to Imran Mahmood's books that is so rare and rewarding. All I Said Was True is the very definition of a compulsive page-turner."
Truly, Darkly, Deeply (2022)
Victoria Selman
"Gravely compelling, sophisticated, terrifying. Victoria Selman truly excels with this clever, nuanced mystery."
Bad Fruit (2022)
Ella King
"Beautiful, disturbing, impossible to put down. Bad Fruit heralds a seriously impressive new talent in Ella King."
All That's Left Unsaid (2022)
Tracey Lien
"A shocking, deeply moving and truly special debut. Savage and heart-breaking, All That's Left Unsaid tackles some hugely important issues, yet is also a richly crafted mystery, a story that is both impossible to put down and impossible to forget."
Double or Nothing (2022)
(Double 0, book 1)
Kim Sherwood
"Stylish, explosive, fresh and fun, Kim Sherwood takes one of the world's most beloved series and makes it her own. Faithful, yet entirely original, Double or Nothing is everything you could want in a spy novel."

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