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Kate Walbert

(Ann Katherine Walbert)
USA flag (b.1961)

Born in New York City, Walbert moved frequently with her parents, living in Delaware, Georgia, Texas, Pennsylvania, and Japan. She received a Master's of Arts in English from New York University. Walbert currently teaches creative writing at Yale University and lives in New York City.

Genres: Literary Fiction
National Book Award for Fiction Best Book nominee (2004) : Our Kind: A Novel in Stories

Kate Walbert recommends
Sylvan Street (2010)
Deborah Schupack
"A work of pure magic... about money, class, and the daily deceptions among friends and neighbors, husbands and wives."
Arcadia (2012)
Lauren Groff
"Part Stone Diaries, part Lord of the Flies, part something out of a Shakespearean tragedy, Lauren Groff's Arcadia is so uniquely absorbing that you finish it as if waking from a dream. Groff is one of our most talented writers, and Arcadia one of the most revelatory, magical, and ambitious novels I've read in years."
The Dependents (2018)
Katharine Dion
"The Dependents is a big book, one that grapples with important questions through generations--the way we live now, the way we may have chosen to live then--and the consequences. Dion's intelligence and ambition truly shine through sentence after sentence."
The Latecomers (2018)
Helen Klein Ross
"A triumph of storytelling, The Latecomers is a brilliantly researched and masterly told chronicle of the decades and generations in one immigrant's journey-and the deeply guarded alliances and secrets kept along the way. Ross has written a novel brimming with historical resonance, a riveting read infused with subtle wit and great intelligence."
Impersonation (2020)
Heidi Pitlor
"Heidi Pitlor has written a wonderfully rare thing: a comedy of manners set in the 21st century that brilliantly grapples with some of the more thorny issues of class, privilege, and parenting of our day. Smart, funny, and generous in spirit, Impersonation is an engaging meditation on who controls the narrative and why it matters. A terrific read that will have you hooked from page one."

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