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RaeAnne Thayne graduated from college with a degree in journalism. She soon became a reporter for the local newspaper and quickly moved up to editor. She developed a love of romances and sold her first book in 1995. She has also won several awards and honors including: three-time Rita nominee, 2012 Colorado Romance Writers Award of Excellence, and 2010 RT Reviewers Choice for best Silhouette Special Edition. Her titles include: Light the Stars, A Cold Creek Secret, A Thunder Canyon Christmas, and Fortune's Woman. In 2014 her title Starstruck, as part of the book Together for Christmas, made Harlequin's Hot Romance List. RaeAnne is also the author of the Haven Point Series. The fifth book in the series, Snowfall on Haven Point, made the New York Times bestseller list in 2016

Genres: Romance, Romantic Suspense
New and upcoming books
June 2024

15 Summers Later
October 2024

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The December Market
Home in Whiskey Creek
   1. Endangered (1996)
     aka The Mating Game
   2. In Too Deep (1997)
   3. Fireworks (1997)
   4. Sweet Justice (1998)
Outlaw Hartes
   1. Star Valley Winter (2002)

     aka The Valentine Two-step

   2. Springtime in Salt River (2002)

     aka Taming Jesse James

   3. Return to Star Valley (2002)

     aka Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid

   1. Hiding in Park City (2003)

     aka Nowhere to Hide

   2. Nothing to Lose (2004)
     aka Lost in Cottonwood Canyon
   3. Home in Cottonwood Canyon (2005)

     aka Never Too Late

   4. Back on Bittercreek Ranch (2005)

     aka The Interpreter

   5. Autumn Chill in Utah Springs (2006)

     aka High-Risk Affair

   6. Shelter from the Storm (2007)
   7. Rainforest Honeymoon (2007)

     aka High Stakes Honeymoon

Cowboys of Cold Creek
   1. Light the Stars (2006)
   2. Dancing in the Moonlight (2006)
   3. Dalton's Undoing (2006)
     aka Snowfall in Cold Creek
   4. The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle (2008)
   5. A Cold Creek Homecoming (2009)
   6. A Cold Creek Holiday (2009)
   7. A Cold Creek Secret (2010)
   8. A Cold Creek Baby (2010)
   9. Christmas in Cold Creek (2011)
   10. A Cold Creek Reunion (2012)
   11. A Cold Creek Noel (2012)
   12. A Cold Creek Christmas Surprise (2013)
   12.5. Starstruck (2017)
   13. The Christmas Ranch (2014)
   14. A Cold Creek Christmas Story (2015)
   15. The Holiday Gift (2016)
   16. The Rancher's Christmas Song (2017)
     aka A Christmas Song
Women of Brambleberry House
   1. The House on Cannon Beach (2007)

     aka The Daddy Makeover

   2. Reunion on Rocky Shores (2007)

     aka His Second-Chance Family

   3. A Soldier's Secret (2008)
   4. A Soldier's Return (2019)
   5. A Brambleberry Summer (2021)
Hope's Crossing
   1. Blackberry Summer (2011)
   2. Woodrose Mountain (2012)
   3. Sweet Laurel Falls (2012)
   4. Currant Creek Valley (2013)
   5. Willowleaf Lane (2013)
   6. Christmas in Snowflake Canyon (2013)
   7. Wild Iris Ridge (2014)
   All is Bright (2022)
Haven Point
   1. Snow Angel Cove (2014)
   2. Redemption Bay (2015)
   3. Evergreen Springs (2015)
   4. Riverbend Road (2016)
   5. Snowfall on Haven Point (2016)
   6. Serenity Harbor (2017)
   7. Sugar Pine Trail (2017)
   8. The Cottages on Silver Beach (2018)
   9. Season of Wonder (2018)
   10. Coming Home for Christmas (2019)
   A Haven Point Beginning (2020)
   11. Summer at Lake Haven (2020)
   12. Christmas At Holiday House (2020)
Cape Sanctuary
   1. The Cliff House (2019)
   2. The Sea Glass Cottage (2020)
   3. The Path to Sunshine Cove (2021)
   4. Summer at the Cape (2022)
   5. The Cafe at Beach End (2023)
   Wild Streak (1996)
   Saving Grace (2000)
   Renegade Father (2001)
   The Quiet Storm (2003)
   Freefall (2003)
   Sleigh Bells Ring (2021)
   Christmas at the Shelter Inn (2023)
   15 Summers Later (2024)
   The December Market (2024)
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   From the Heart Vol. 1 (2012)
   From the Heart Vol. 2 (2012)
   A Western Christmas Sampler (2016) (with B J Daniels and Maisey Yates)
   From the Heart Boxed Set (2017)
   Holiday Wishes and Mistletoe Kisses (2017) (with others)
   Sweet Summer Breezes (2018) (with others)
Novellas and Short Stories
   Hope on Sage Flats (2019)
     aka A Mother’s Hope
Omnibus editions
   Loveswept (1997) (with Catherine Mulvany and Laura Taylor)
   Intimate Surrender / Child of Her Heart (2004) (with Cheryl St. John)
   Never Too Late / Secret Agent Sam (2005) (with Kathleen Creighton)
   Intimate Surrender / The Secret Heir (2005) (with Gina Wilkins)
   Interpreter / Private Agenda (2005) (with Natalie Dunbar)
   Nothing to Lose / Virgin in Disguise (2005) (with Rosemary Heim)
   Last Cowboy / Light the Stars (2006) (with Crystal Green)
   A Mother's Love (2008) (with Janice Kay Johnson and Ruth Wind (Barbara Samuel))
   Fortune's Woman / Fortune Wedding (2010) (with Kristin Hardy)
   Tea and Destiny / Light the Stars (2011) (with Sherryl Woods)
   Thunder Canyon Homecoming / A Thunder Canyon Christmas (2011) (with Brenda Harlen)
   A Cold Creek Reunion / A Weaver Proposal (2012) (with Allison Leigh)
   Here and Then / Dalton's Undoing (2012) (with Linda Lael Miller)
   Wilder Hearts (2013) (with Judy Duarte and Karen Rose Smith)
   Never Let Go / A Soldier's Secret (2013) (with Sherryl Woods)
   Harlequin Special Edition December 2013 - Bundle 1 of 2 (2013) (with Susan Crosby and Victoria Pade)
   Island Promises (2014) (with Leanne Banks and Marie Ferrarella)
   Safe Harbor / Cold Creek Homecoming (2014) (with Sherryl Woods)
   Together for Christmas (2014) (with others)
   The Christmas Ranch / A Cold Creek Holiday (2014)
   Harlequin Special Edition December 2014 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2014) (with Stella Bagwell and Leanne Banks)
   Sweet & Sexy (2015) (with others)
   Harlequin Special Edition Box Set 1 of 2 (2015) (with Stella Bagwell and Brenda Harlen)
   Country Bride / Woodrose Mountain (2016) (with Debbie Macomber)
   A Love Beyond Words / Shelter from the Storm (2016) (with Sherryl Woods)
   Harlequin Special Edition December 2016 Box Set 1 of 2 (2016) (with Stella Bagwell and Brenda Harlen)
   Her Festive Doorstep Baby / The Holiday Gift (2016) (with Kate Hardy)
   A Cold Creek Secret / Not Just a Cowboy (2017) (with Caro Carson)
   Safe in Your Arms (2017) (with Allison Leigh)
   Newborn Under the Christmas Tree / The Rancher's Christmas Song (2017) (with Sophie Pembroke)
   Harlequin Special Edition November 2017 Box Set 1 of 2 (2017) (with Judy Duarte and Teresa Southwick)
   A Cold Creek Noel / A Very Crimson Christmas (2017) (with Michelle Major)
   The Valentine Two-Step / The Color of Courage (2018) (with Patricia Davids)
   Home to Seal Point / Still the One: Freefall (2018) (with Michelle Major)
   Never Too Late / His Bundle of Love (2018) (with Patricia Davids)
   Summer Reads Box Set (2018) (with others)
   Small-Town Romance Collection (2018) (with others)
   Springtime in Salt River / Love Thine Enemy (2018) (with Patricia Davids)
   Destination: Romance (2018) (with others)
   A Mistletoe Vow (2018) (with Kate Hardy and Ami Weaver)
   A Soldier's Return / The Daddy Makeover (2019)
   Harlequin Special Edition February 2019 Box Set 1 of 2 (2019) (with Carrie Nichols and Teri Wilson)
   Home Is Where The Heart Is: February 2019 (2019) (with others)
   A Cold Creek Baby / Military Daddy (2019) (with Patricia Davids)
   Secluded at Broken Spur Ranch (2019) (with Melissa Senate)
   Return to Star Valley / A Matter of the Heart (2019) (with Patricia Davids)
   One Autumn Proposal (2019) (with Marie Ferrarella and Scarlet Wilson)
   Return to Star Valley / Want Me, Cowboy (2020) (with Maisey Yates)
   One Season And Dynasties Collection (2020) (with others)
   One Season Collection (2020) (with others)
   Small Towns, Big Reads (2020) (with Debbie Macomber and Sheila Roberts)
   Light the Stars / The Farmer Next Door (2020) (with Patricia Davids)
   A Soldier's Return / Engaged to the Single Mom (2020) (with Lee Tobin McClain)
   A Place to Belong (2021) (with Michelle Major)
   His Second-Chance Family / Katie's Redemption (2021) (with Patricia Davids)
   A Brambleberry Summer / The Rancher's Summer Secret (2021) (with Christine Rimmer)
   Harlequin Special Edition July 2021 - Box Set 1 of 2 (2021) (with Helen Lacey and Victoria Pade)
   A Cold Creek Secret / A Brevia Beginning (2021) (with Michelle Major)
   Snowfall in Cold Creek / A Deal Made in Texas (2021) (with Michelle Major)
   Dancing in the Moonlight / Always the Best Man (2022) (with Michelle Major)
   A Soldier's Secret / Suddenly a Father (2022) (with Michelle Major)
   Snowed in at the Ranch / A Kiss on Crimson Ranch (2022) (with Michelle Major)
   A Brambleberry Summer / The Shoe Diaries (2023) (with Darby Baham)
   Secluded At Broken Spur Ranch / The Forever Farmhouse (2023) (with Lee Tobin McClain)
   Shelter from the Storm / Matched by Masala (2024) (with Mona Shroff)
   A Beach House Beginning (2024) (with Michelle Lindo-Rice)
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Series contributed to
Logan's Legacy
   14. Snowbound in Sweetwater Ranch (2005)
     aka Intimate Surrender / Snowed In at the Ranch
Wilder Family
   6. Reunited in Walnut River (2008)
     aka A Merger...Or Marriage?
Fortunes of Texas: Return to Red Rock
   5. Change of Fortune (2009) (with Mona Shroff)
     aka Fortune's Woman / The Five-Day Reunion
RaeAnne Thayne recommends
The Seaside Library (2023)
Brenda Novak
"I adore everything Brenda Novak writes. Her books are compelling, emotional, tender stories about people I would love to know in real life."
Wedding Season (2022)
(Carolina Girls, book 3)
Michelle Major
"The Magnolia Sisters is sheer delight, filled with humour, warmth and heart...I loved everything about it."
The Shell Collector (2021)
Nancy Naigle
"The Shell Collector is a beautiful, emotional story about the glorious sunrise that can come after a dark night, about surviving loss and finding hope and joy again. Amanda, Maeve, and the entire cast will break your heart and then heal it all over again."

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