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Robb White

USA flag (1909 - 1990)

Robb White was a writer of screenplays, television scripts, and adventure novels; most of the latter had a maritime setting -- often the Pacific Navy during World War II. White was best known for juvenile fiction, though he has proven popular with adults as well. Nearly all his books are out of print; nevertheless, White has a devoted following among baby-boomers, many of whom were introduced to him through inexpensive paperbacks available in American schools in the mid-20th century.
   The Nub (1935)
   The Smuggler's Sloop (1937)
   Midshipman Lee (1938)
   Run Masked (1938)
     aka Jungle Fury
   Three Against the Sea (1940)
   Sailor in the Sun (1941)
   The Lion's Paw (1946)
   Sail Away (1948)
   Candy (1949)
   The Haunted Hound (1950)
     aka A Dog for Jonathan
   Secret Sea (1951)
   Deep Danger (1952)
   Up Periscope (1956)
   Flight Deck (1961)
   Torpedo Run (1962)
   Silent Ship, Silent Sea (1964)
   Surrender (1964)
   The Survivor (1964)
   The Long Way Down (1967)
   No Man's Land (1969)
   Deathwatch (1972)
   The Frogmen (1973)
   Fire Storm (1979)
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