Stephany Wallace

Stephany Wallace is an International Bestselling Author of Young Adult and New Adult Fantasy Romance, Paranormal Romance, and Urban Fantasy. She has multiple bestselling series including Dynasty of Blood, The Winter Court Chronicles, and Curse of the Lycan.
Stephany writes about headstrong, quirky, bad-ass heroines, and their swoon worthy, alpha male, sweet, or sexy nerdy heroes. She loves writing about Vampires, Dragons, Wolf Shifters, Witches, and creating incredibly vivid worlds that capture you from the very first page, and leave you wanting more.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy

   Into the Light (2022) (with Eva Blackwing, Quirah Casey, Margo Bond Collins, Fatima Fayez, N R Larry, Cali Mann, Meredith Medina, Krystal Pena and J P Uvalle)