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Tom Watson

Tom is the author and draws the original sketches for all the Stick Dog stories. He lives in Chicago with his wife, daughter and son. They also have a dog named Shadow. Tom did not want to name the dog Shadow. He wanted to name him Put Your Shirt On. Its a long story. Sometimes when Tom is visiting schools, he shares the story.

Toms first jobs out of college were in politics. He worked for U.S. Senator John Glenn and as the Chief Speechwriter for the Governor of Ohio. He has also worked in marketing and advertising. He likes writing books for kids a lot more than writing speeches and other things for grown-ups. He thinks kids are way smarter than grown-ups.

He LOVES writing the Stick Dog adventures.

Genres: Children's Fiction
Picture Books
Tom Watson recommends
Escape from Castaway Island (2018)
(Mr. Puffball, book 3)
Constance Lombardo
"Freaky, furry, first-rate Mr Puffball hits the big time-and scores big-time laughs."
Simon B. Rhymin' (2021)
Dwayne Reed
"An authentic voice, strong friendships and loads of laughs make rhymin' Simon a winner."

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