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Robert J Sawyer

(Robert James Sawyer)
Canada (b.1960)

Robert Sawyer was born in Toronto, Canada. He studied Radio and Television Arts, and after graduating in 1982 he began a lucrative career in journalism. He began writing science fiction in 1988 and is now a full-time writer. Sawyer has twice won the Aurora, the Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Award; and in 1993 he won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Short Story, by the Crime Writers of Canada. He won the 1995 Nebula Award for his novel 'Terminal Experiment'
.Robert J. Sawyer has been described as Canada's answer to Michael Crichton. Critically acclaimed in the US he is regarded as one of SF's most significant writers and his novels are regularly voted as fan's favourites. He lives just outside of Toronto.

Genres: Science Fiction
Neanderthal Parallax
   1. Hominids (2002)
   2. Humans (2003)
   3. Hybrids (2003)
   1. Wake (2009)
   2. Watch (2010)
   3. Wonder (2011)
   Iterations (2002)
   Identity Theft (2008)
   Enigma Front: Burnt (2016) (with Jayne Barnard, Renee Bennett, Robert Bose, Chris Patrick Carolan, Christopher Chupik, Susan Forest, Ron S Friedman, Elizabeth Grotkowski, Katie Harse, Chris M Jessop, Adria Laycraft, Colin Maheu, Brent Nichols, R Overwater, Lee F Patrick, Celeste A Peters, Tim Reynolds, Erin Sneath and David Worsick)
   Enigma Front: The Monster Within (2017) (with Shannon Allen, Renee Bennett, Robert Bose, Chris Patrick Carolan, J M Dover, Robert W Easton, Susan Forest, Ron S Friedman, Michael Gillett, Elizabeth Grotkowski, Calvin D Jim, Colin Maheu, Brent Nichols, Al Onia, Selene O'Rourke, Celeste A Peters, Erin Sneath, Stephen Swan and Kevin Weir)
   The Stories We Hide: Enigma Front 5 (2019) (with Shannon Allen, R E Baird, Renee Bennett, Chris Carolan, Christopher Chupik, Ron S Friedman, Michael Gillett, James Grotkowski, Dan M Hampton, Calvin D Jim, Brent Nickols, Lee F Patrick, Celeste A Peters, Bose Robert, Mark Phillip Ross, Selene Oa Rourke, Marc Watson, Kevin Weir and D E Wright)
   Earth (2019)
   Space (2019)
   Time (2019)
Series contributed to
Tesseracts (with Carolyn Clink)
   6. Tesseracts 6 (1997)
Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Robert J Sawyer
Short stories
The Contest (1980)
Just Like Old Times (1993)
You See But You Do Not Observe (1995)
Above It All (1996)
Peking Man (1996)
Forever (1997)
The Hand You're Dealt (1997)Hugo (nominee)
Fallen Angel (2000)Bram Stoker (nominee)
The Shoulders of Giants (2000)
Star Light, Star Bright (2000)
Wiping Out (2000)

Hugo Best Novel nominee (1996) : The Terminal Experiment
Nebula Awards Best Novel winner (1996) : The Terminal Experiment
Hugo Best Novel nominee (1997) : Starplex
Nebula Awards Best Novel nominee (1997) : Starplex
Hugo Best Novel nominee (1998) : Frameshift
Hugo Best Short Story nominee (1998) : The Hand You're Dealt
Hugo Best Novel nominee (1999) : Factoring Humanity
Bram Stoker Best Short Story nominee (2001) : Fallen Angel
Hugo Best Novel nominee (2001) : Calculating God
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2001) : Calculating God
Hugo Best Novel winner (2003) : Hominids
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2003) : Hominids
Hugo Best Novel nominee (2004) : Humans
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel winner (2006) : Mindscan
Hugo Best Novel nominee (2008) : Rollback
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2008) : Rollback
Hugo Best Novel nominee (2010) : Wake
John W Campbell Memorial Award Best Novel nominee (2010) : Wake

Robert J Sawyer recommends
Songs of Chaos (1993)
Shariann Lewitt
"The best book yet by one of SF's hottest and hippest writers."
Branch Point (1996)
Mona Clee
"A complex, exciting, thoughtful time-travel novel. Clee writes beautiful poetic prose about hard and dangerous events."
The Infinite Sea (1996)
(Chaos Chronicles, book 3)
Jeffrey A Carver
"An absolutely terrific book."
Night Sky Mine (1996)
Melissa Scott
"William Gibson meets Samuel R Delany! Melissa Scott's Night Sky Mine is her best book yet, with first rate world building and first rate storytelling."
The Sum of All Men (1998)
(Runelords, book 1)
David Farland
"David Farland is a consummate stylist, and his characters are so alive they walk right off the page. The Runelords is a wonderful fantasy novel."
The Price of Peace (2000)
(Society of Humanity, book 2)
Mike Moscoe
"A major new talent."
Raptor without a Cause (2000)
(Dinoverse , book 3)
Scott Ciencin
"Dinoverse is terrific - the closest anyone will ever come to experiencing a living dinosaur."
Picoverse (2002)
Robert A Metzger
"Physics hasn't been this much fun since Timescape."
Mindworlds (2002)
(Flesh and Gold, book 3)
Phyllis Gotlieb
"Phyllis Gotlieb is the grande dame of Canadian SF. A poet with a cosmic perspective who elevates space opera to a high art."
Trapped (2002)
(League of Peoples, book 6)
James Alan Gardner
"Gardner will be one of the big names of 21st century science fiction."
The Dark Path (2003)
(Dark Wing, book 2)
Walter H Hunt
"The new master of military SF."
Omnifix (2004)
Scott MacKay
"This is a terrific book from first page to last: big ideas, believable characters, great action - it's all here."
The Last Guardian of Everness (2004)
(Everness, book 1)
John C Wright
"The first significant debut of the new millennium."
From the Notebooks of Doctor Brain (2007)
Minister Faust
"An outlandish, outrageous tour de force by the most innovative prose stylist in the field."
Plague Year (2007)
(Plague , book 1)
Jeff Carlson
"Jeff Carlson is a terrific writer and Plague Year is a marvelous book, full of memorable characters, white-knuckle scenes, and big ideas. Get in on the ground floor with this exciting new author."
Singularity's Ring (2008)
Paul Melko
"Debut novel of a stellar new talent."
Gaslight Grimoire (2009)
Jeff Campbell and Charles Prepolec
"A wonderful addition to the bookshelf of any fan of Sherlock Holmes or of the supernatural. Terrific stories, great variety, genuine chills: it's all here."
Edge (2010)
(Josh Cumberland, book 1)
Thomas Blackthorne (John Meaney)
"A spectacular writer."
The Unincorporated Woman (2011)
(Unincorporated, book 3)
Dani Kollin and Eytan Kollin
"Reminiscent of Heinlein - a good, old-fashioned, enormously appealing SF yarn. Bravo!"
Destiny's Fall (2012)
(Destiny , book 2)
Marie Bilodeau
"Marie Bilodeau knocks my socks off."
The Ultra Thin Man (2014)
(Ultra, book 1)
Patrick Swenson
"Patrick Swenson keeps the pages turning in this slick, clever noir novel. Wonderful world-building, a terrific read, and an auspicious debut: truly the stuff that dreams are made of."
Willful Child (2014)
(Willful Child, book 1)
Steven Erikson
"Willful Child is a love letter to Star Trek and its fans-a pitch-perfect tour de force. Erikson walks a very fine line without ever once stumbling."
The Cave Beneath the Sea (2015)
(Shards of Excalibur, book 4)
Edward Willett
"Willett brings great energy, clarity, and excitement to every page."
Transgalactic (2016)
(Transcendental Machine, book 2)
James Gunn
"A tight, fierce novel from one of the field's giants."
Strangers Among Us: Tales of the Underdogs and Outcasts (2016)
Susan Forest and Lucas K Law
"Strangers Among Us... is important, shining a much-needed spotlight on issues that get far too little attention. A wonderful anthology, one of the major SF&F books of the year. Bravo!."
Escape Velocity (2017)
Ron S Friedman
"Ron Friedman is a terrific writer. I've watched with pleasure and admiration as he's grown over the years since the days when he was my writing student. Canada has yet to produce its counterpart to Larry Niven, but Ron's well on his way to filling that role."
Don't Look Back (2017)
John Gribbin
"A visionary, and one heck of a good storyteller."
Shattered Minds (2017)
(False Hearts, book 2)
Laura Lam
"Ingenious...Gritty and Wise."
The Genius Plague (2017)
David Walton
"David Walton is one of our very best writers of science-fiction thrillers, and The Genius Plague is a triumph from first page to last. This one will stick with you."
Outpost (2018)
(Donovan , book 1)
W Michael Gear
"What a ride! Excitement, adventure, and intrigue, all told in W. Michael Gear's vivid, compulsively readable prose. A terrific new science-fiction series; Gear hits a home run right out of the park and all the way to Capella."
Trope-ing the Light Fantastic (2018)
Edward M Lerner
"A must-have for every science-fiction writer."
Black Chamber (2018)
(Alternate World War, book 1)
S M Stirling
"Nobody carries a bigger stick in the alternate-history game than S.M.Stirling."
Primordial Threat (2018)
(Exodus , book 1)
M A Rothman
"Who says hard science fiction is dead? The field is safe and sound in the hands of Michael Rothman. Real science from a real scientist -- and a thrilling page-turner, to boot. What more could one ask?"
Salvation Day (2019)
Kali Wallace
"Breakneck pace with real thrills and chills—plus lots of meaty stuff to think about. One of the major science-fiction debuts of 2019. Kali Wallace is a force to be reckoned with."
The Pursuit of the Pankera (2020)
Robert Heinlein
"The Pursuit of the Pankera is old-school Heinlein: the writer we all loved taking us on one more great ride. For those of us with a fondness for the rollicking Heinlein of the early days, with larger-than-life oh-so-competent characters and snappy, just-this-side-of-screwball-comedy dialog, this lost gem is a must."
Murphy's Lawless (2020)
(Murphy's Lawless)
Griffin Barber, Kacey Ezell, Charles E Gannon, Kevin Ikenberry, Chris Kennedy, Mike Massa and Mark Wandrey
"Chuck Gannon writes the kind of science fiction we all grew up on: rousing, mind-expanding, pulse-pounding sagas of spaceships and aliens. He's a terrific writer, and we're lucky to have him."
Threader Origins (2021)
(Ouantum Empirica, book 1)
Gerald Brandt
"Gerald Brandt knocks it out of the park again! Quantum physics, parallel worlds, and a rip-roaring plot—what more could you want? In some reality, this book will win major awards — not just because all quantum possibilities do occur but because it bloody well deserves to."
Glow (2021)
(Glow, book 1)
Tim Jordan
"Tim Jordan's Glow is a terrific read from a major new voice. A first-rate novel; I was enthralled."
A History of What Comes Next (2021)
(Take Them to the Stars, book 1)
Sylvain Neuvel
"Clever and compelling, it will keep you enthralled until the end."
Beach Blonde (2021)
John Lawrence Reynolds
"Gritty, witty, and compulsively readable."
Hot Moon (2022)
(Apollo Rising, book 1)
Alan Smale
"Alan Smale is one of the brightest stars in the hard-SFfirmament, and Hot Moon is his best novel yet. Enjoy!"
To Each This World (2022)
Julie E Czerneda
"The search for the 21st-century's Larry Niven is now officially over. Julie E. Czerneda gives us a galaxy-spanning vision of credible aliens and high-stakes conflict. A wonderful book."

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