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Connie Willis is a member of the Science Fiction Hall of Fame and a Grand Master of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. She has received seven Nebula awards and eleven Hugo awards for her fiction; Blackout and All Clear--a novel in two parts--and Doomsday Book won both. Her other works include Passage, Lincoln's Dreams, Bellwether, Impossible Things, Remake, Uncharted Territory, To Say Nothing of the Dog, Fire Watch, and Miracle and Other Christmas Stories. Connie Willis lives with her family in Colorado, where she deals on a daily basis with the delights (and the more maddening aspects) of our modern oh-so-connected world.

Genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy
   Water Witch (1982) (with Cynthia Felice)
   Lincoln's Dreams (1987)
   Light Raid (1989) (with Cynthia Felice)
   Impossible Things (1993)
   Uncharted Territory (1994)
   Remake (1994)
   Bellwether (1996)
   Promised Land (1997) (with Cynthia Felice)
   Passage (2001)
   Crosstalk (2016)
   The Road to Roswell (2023)
   Miracle (1979)
   Futures Imperfect (1996)
   Even the Queen (1998)
   The Miracle of Christmas (1999)
   The Winds of Marble Arch (2007)
   Enter A Future (2010) (with others)
   The Best of Connie Willis (2013)
   A Lot Like Christmas (2017)
   Terra Incognita (2018)
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Connie Willis recommends
The Future (2023)
Naomi Alderman
"Talk of AI - and fears of what it can do - are everywhere in the news these days, but nobody seems to know exactly WHY we should be afraid and where this is all leading. Except Naomi Alderman! Her bold new novel, The Future, looks at AI in all of its seductive, terrifying forms while telling a story that takes place RIGHT NOW and spans continents and world-ending catastrophes while managing to be intensely personal at the same time. A story of advertising tricks and devious (or downright evil) algorithms, cults and corporations, billionaires determined to save their own skins at all costs and eco-idealists equally determined to save the world, set in, of all places, Sodom and Gomorrah! A compulsory - and compulsive - read!"
Poor Man's Sky (2023)
(Rich Man's Sky, book 2)
Wil McCarthy
"A jam-packed adventure fizzing with mind-blowing concepts, and a great read."
The First Law of Thermodynamics (2021)
James Patrick Kelly
"He changes our attitudes and our perceptions and even our understanding of what the short story can be, and he does it in stories which are disturbing, clever, affecting, funny and unique in every sense of the word."

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Anthologies containing stories by Connie Willis
Sense of Wonder (2023)
A Century of Science Fiction
edited by
Leigh Ronald Grossman
Edward Bryant's Sphere Of Influence (2017)
edited by
Jim LeMay

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