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Colin Youngman is a true Geordie (born within sound of the tugboats on the River Tyne), and now lives in Northumberland, north-east England.

His first work was published at the age of 9 when a contribution to children's comic Sparky brought him the rich rewards of a 10/- Postal Order and a transistor radio. Since then, his material has featured in outlets as diverse as national newspapers, sports magazines, and travel guides, all whilst developing a career as a Senior Executive in the Public Sector.

Colin now writes thriller / mystery novels and novellas with trademark twists designed to hit you like a kick in the guts, and he is the creator of the hugely popular Ryan Jarrod series of crime novels set in his native Tyneside.

The latest in the series - The Lighthouse Keeper - is available now and weaves the hunt for a serial killer with a political cover-up. Its predecessor, The Girl On The Quay, focused on an undercover hunt for a people-trafficking gang master, while the first in the series (The Angel Falls) drew comparisons to both James Paterson and the Rebus novels of Ian Rankin.

His other novels include Alley Rat (a psychological thriller 'whodunit' featuring a predator with a penchant for the works of TS Eliot), and DEAD Heat (a dark and suspenseful thriller which chronicles the unravelling of a killer's mind.)

The Doom Brae Witch represents a foray into the world of historical fantasy where past, present and future become entwined as an ancient curse is reborn.
   Dead Lines (2016)
   The Refugee (2016)
   Twists (2016)
   Brittle Justice (2017)
   A Fall Before Pride (2017)
Ryan Jarrod
   1. The Angel Falls (2020)
   2. The Girl on the Quay (2020)
   3. The Lighthouse Keeper (2020)
   4. High Level (2021)
   5. Operation Sage (2021)
   6. Low Light (2022)
   7. The Tower (2022)
   8. Bones of Callaley (2023)
   9. The Graveyard Shift (2023)
   Dead Heat (2017)
   Alley Rat (2018)
   The Doom Brae Witch (2019)

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