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Lee Brook

Lee Brook was born and raised in South Leeds, and has spent most of his life working and living in West Yorkshire. It has been such a pleasure to write about the places He knows and loves.
All the locations within the books are based on real settings, though some details may have been fabricated.
He's excited to take you to more amazing places in Leeds as you follow George and his team, and hope's you enjoy the adventures.


Genres: Mystery
West Yorkshire Crime Thrillers
   1. The Miss Murderer (2022)
   2. The Bone Saw Ripper (2024)
   3. The Blonde Delilah (2024)
   6. The Naughty List (2024)
     aka The Christmas Hit List
   7. The Footballer and the Wife (2024)
   8. The New Forest Village Book Club (2024)
   9. The Killer in the Family (2023)
   12. The Shadows of Yuletide (2024)
   13. The Shadows of the Past (2024)
   14. The Echoes of Silence (2024)
   15. Beneath the Surface (2024)

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