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Alex Aaronson started telling Sea Stories around February 1992, when he reported to Recruit Training Center, Great Lakes Illinois. Since then he’s been entertaining anyone who would listen with his hyperbolic storytelling, a loose relationship with the facts, and a total disregard for modesty. Unfortunately, given that his naval service as a Cryptologic Technician, Interpretive was spent dealing with classified materials and situations you don’t get to hear any of that!
Instead, Alex leans on the bits and pieces he picked up getting his undergraduate degree in International Relations from the University of California, and his Law Degree from Southern Methodist University. After having blown a major wad of cash on that fancy degree, he now spends his time making stuff up and hoping that you’ll read it.


Genres: Science Fiction, Thriller
Soviet Endgame (with James Rosone)
   1. Advance to Contact (2022)
   2. Fire and Maneuver (2023)
   3. Pursuit by Fire (2023)
Novellas and Short Stories

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