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Barbara J Allen

Barbara J. Allen is a native of Santa Monica, California. She graduated from Santa Monica College with an A.A. degree in Art and from U.C.L.A. with a B.A. degree in Psychology. She was married to Gale Williams, a quadriplegic, for 15 years. She helped him get his degree in computer sciences. They adopted two children, Glen and Brenda, who are successful business people and who have rewarded Barbara with four beautiful grandchildren.Barbara and Gale divorced and she remarried. Barbara and Wallace Allen were together from 1974 his death from cancer in 1990. Together they designed and built a log home which is situated lakeside in a beautiful gated community high in the mountains of Tehachapi, California, where she still lives, along with her mother, five dogs and four cats. Now retired, Barbara indulges her hobby of showing Samoyeds, including Phantom, her young male champion-to-be, pictured above.