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Caron Allan writes cozy murder mysteries as well as not-so-cozy mysteries. Caron lives in Derby, England, the setting for Pride and Prejudice. Caron is deeply interested in literature and social history, and has a bachelor's degree in those joint subjects.

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The first of Caron's diary-based, hitchcockesque trilogy, Criss Cross (Posh Hits Mysteries) was published in 2013, with the second, Cross Check, appearing in 2014. The third and final volume, Check Mate, came out in February 2016. These are murders 'not so mysterious' as, rather like Columbo, you see who did it and wonder how they will get away with it. The main character, Cressida, has been described in a five-star review as 'completely without morals...but you find yourself wishing her every success'.