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Alison Gaylin is a journalist who has covered the arts and entertainment for more than fifteen years. Her first novel, Hide Your Eyes, debuted in March, 2005 with nearly a quarter of a million copies in print and was nominated for the prestigious Edgar Award for a first novel. The sequel, YOU KILL ME, was published in 2006 to rave reviews. Her first hardcover, Trashed, out in September 2007, launched NAL's new Obsidian imprint. Alison lives in upstate New York with her husband, young daughter and old dog.

Genres: Mystery
New Books
June 2023

Bad Influence
(Sunny Randall, book 11)
Graphic Novels
Series contributed to
   5. The Gift (2020)
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2013) : And She Was
Shamus Awards Best Paperback original winner (2013) : And She Was
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2015) : Stay With Me
Edgar Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2015) : Stay With Me
Edgar Awards Best Novel nominee (2017) : What Remains of Me
Anthony Awards Best Paperback original nominee (2019) : If I Die Tonight
Edgar Awards Best Paperback original winner (2019) : If I Die Tonight

Alison Gaylin recommends
Blessed Are the Dead (2014)
(Gabriella Giovanni Mystery, book 1)
Kristi Belcamino
"BLESSED ARE THE DEAD is a fast-paced, suspenseful read ...Gabriella Giovanni is tough, vulnerable and complex -- a terrific new series character.""
Hidden (2015)
(Black Hat, book 1)
Karen E Olson
"An edge-of-your-seat thriller with surprises at every turn."
Brain Storm (2016)
(Angela Richman, Death Investigator, book 1)
Elaine Viets
"Trapped in a nightmarish world after suffering six strokes, death investigator Angela Richman finds she can’t trust anyone—including her own mind. A thrilling, suspenseful, twist-filled read that kept me up late into the night, Brain Storm marks a fascinating new direction for a wonderfully talented writer."
When She's Gone (2016)
Jane Palmer
"From the very first page, When She's Gone grabs hold of you and doesn't let go."
A Map of the Dark (2018)
(Searchers , book 1)
Karen Ellis
"One of the most compelling psychological thrillers I've read in a long time... grabs you from the very first page and does not loosen its grip. I read this book in a day - I simply could not put it down - but I will be thinking about it for much longer."
It All Falls Down (2018)
(Nora Watts, book 2)
Sheena Kamal
"Suspenseful, atmospheric and often deeply moving . . . one of the most complicated and fascinating protagonists I've come across in a long time. I'd follow Nora Watts (and her dog) anywhere."
#Fashion Victim (2018)
Amina Akhtar
"Full of suspense, social satire, and deliciously dark humor, #FashionVictim gives 'killer wardrobe' a whole new meaning. I couldn't put it down."
Sophie Last Seen (2018)
Marlene Adelstein
"Unique, mysterious, and thoroughly absorbing, Sophie Last Seen is a touching story of love, loss and survival. I loved it."
Thief River Falls (2020)
Brian Freeman
"Smart, wickedly suspenseful and full of truly shocking twists, Thief River Falls is also a moving tale about family—and with a thriller writer at its center. How could I help but love it?"
The Sea of Lost Girls (2020)
Carol Goodman
"Carol Goodman is a superb writer, and she explores family and small-town dynamics in a way that's both suspenseful and touchingly real. THE SEA OF LOST GIRLS features a fascinating cast of characters, intriguing setting -- and enough shocking twists to leave you breathless. I loved it."
The Mother Next Door (2021)
Tara Laskowski
"Packed with shocking twists and wonderfully complicated characters, The Mother Next Door is such a suspenseful read. Like the best Halloween candy, it was delicious--and I couldn't put it down."
Neglect (2021)
Kim Wozencraft
"A powerhouse of a book from a truly great author, Neglect has it all: Grit, drama, action, heart, and characters so multi-faceted and real, you feel as though you know them. Don't miss it."
All Her Little Secrets (2021)
Wanda M Morris
"All Her Little Secrets is a truly remarkable debut—an expertly paced thriller with terrific twists, as well as depth, heart and conscience...not to mention the smart, complicated Ellice Littlejohn, a protagonist who kept me turning pages well into the night."
The Cottage (2021)
Daniel Judson
"A propulsive, edge-of-your-seat thriller with a complex, fascinating heroine, The Cottage kept me up far too late turning pages. A truly terrific read."
A Flicker in the Dark (2022)
Stacy Willingham
"A psychological thriller in the truest sense -- an engaging, propulsive read, loaded with surprising twists, that genuinely thrills as it gets deep under the skin of its fascinating heroine, Chloe Davis. I tore through this book."
The Other Family (2022)
Wendy Corsi Staub
"Wendy Corsi Staub has always been one of my favorite writers, but she surpasses even her best work with The Other Family. A chilling and addictive novel of suspense, it also speaks deep truths about family ties - and how they can support or destroy us. I really loved this book."
Like a Sister (2022)
Kellye Garrett
"Kellye Garrett is a fantastic new voice in crime fiction, and Like a Sister is her best book yet. A twisty mystery that takes a deep dive into celebrity, social media--and the dangerously false perceptions they can create--Garrett's latest is razor-sharp and utterly absorbing. I dare you to try and put it down."
Killing Me (2023)
Michelle Gagnon
"A tense serial killer thriller that's also hilarious? Count me in. Killing Me is sharp, suspenseful and (dare I say it?) unputdownable. Amber is my new favorite action hero. I'd follow her anywhere -- and considering some of the dicey locales she winds up in, that's saying a lot."

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