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Kristen Arnett is a queer fiction and essay writer. Her work has been featured in North American Review, The Normal School, Electric Literature, Literary Hub, Volume 1 Brooklyn, Catapult, Tin House Flash Fridays/The Guardian, Salon, The Rumpus, and elsewhere. She was awarded Ninth Letter's 2015 Literary Award in Fiction for "See also: A history of glassmaking," which appears in this collection. Find her on twitter: @Kristen_Arnett.

Genres: General Fiction
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   Felt in the Jaw (2017)
Kristen Arnett recommends
Knife River (2024)
Justine Champine
"Knife River is a twisty, intoxicating book. The beating heart of it is raw and tender, full of guilt and heartache and hope. It's a genuine and unsettling look at how loss can divide a family, but it's also a story about the long and difficult ways we finally make our way back home. Justine Champine is a very gifted writer and readers are going to be hooked on Knife River."
Kittentits (2024)
Holly Wilson
"Kittentits is a bizarro wonderland of a book, a tasty kaleidoscopic freak show that will remind readers of a marvelously raunchy Katherine Dunn. The novel is just as much fun as it is juicy and disturbed-I enjoyed every wild and frenzied minute of it."
Dead in Long Beach, California (2024)
Venita Blackburn
"Dead in Long Beach, California is somehow both tender and incredibly sharp. It's mesmerizing in its ability to twist inward on itself; a genuine ouroboros of pain and loss. Venita Blackburn's writing here is profoundly gorgeous. At every turn, I found myself split between laughter and tears. An incredible look at how we work to divert the flow of grief, only to find those tributaries suddenly rejoined without our consent, the pain we wished to avoid flowing directly back to us. This book rewired my brain; it's a bonafide knockout."

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I Know What's Best for You (2022)
Stories on Reproductive Freedom
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Shelly Oria

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