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Jami Attenberg's work has appeared in Salon, Nylon, Print, Pindeldyboz, the San Francisco Chronicle, and Time Out New York. She lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Genres: Literary Fiction, General Fiction
Jami Attenberg recommends
Pretend I'm Dead (2014)
Jen Beagin
"Jen Beagin has one of the freshest voices I've read in years - funny, wise, whip-smart and compassionate. I tore through Pretend I'm Dead with a deep sense of affection for all of its beautifully flawed characters and their bittersweet lives."
Made for Love (2017)
Alissa Nutting
"Alissa Nutting's Made for Love is bizarre and vivid and unexpected and wickedly funny. I promise you will enjoy the ride."
The Talented Ribkins (2017)
Ladee Hubbard
"What a pleasure it was to take a road trip with The Talented Ribkins, a simultaneously gifted and flawed family, sharp-witted but prone to making utterly human errors. Ladee Hubbard has given us a fresh and original debut novel."
Oliver Loving (2018)
Stefan Merrill Block
"Stefan Block's profound third novel, Oliver Loving, is intricately constructed and rich with devastating, gorgeous prose. But it is the author's rare and special sense of empathy -- felt so deeply in every moment -- which elevates this novel to a breathtaking place."
Stray City (2018)
Chelsey Johnson
"Written with wit and sensitivity and exquisite emotional intelligence, Stray City is an absolute pleasure to read. Chelsey Johnson is one of the most refreshing new voices in literature."
Convenience Store Woman (2018)
Sayaka Murata
"What a weird and wonderful and deeply satisfying book this is. Sayaka Murata is an utterly unique and revolutionary voice. I tore through Convenience Store Woman with great delight."
The Lost Family (2018)
Jenna Blum
"Deftly executed, deeply moving, and full of heart, Jenna Blum’s The Lost Family is an evocative look at the legacy of war and how it impacts one memorable family."
You Are Not What We Expected (2020)
Sidura Ludwig
"A gorgeous, highly visceral, deeply felt collection of linked stories about how families work — and don’t work — together. The Levine family is unforgettable."
Cheat Day (2021)
Liv Stratman
"Sexy, witty and down-to-earth, Cheat Day tackles the truths about our modern occupations with wellness, relationships and what it means to be happy. What a pleasure it was to be introduced to the wholly original comic voice of Liv Stratman in this engaging debut."
Revival Season (2021)
Monica West
"Monica West has given us a riveting tale full of deep wells of compassion even as it tangles with the complexities and flaws of this troubled Southern family. Compact, suspenseful, and written with incredible elegance, Revival Season is a highly rewarding, utterly original read -- one of my favorite debuts of the year."
The Woman in the Purple Skirt (2021)
Natsuko Imamura
"I tore through this novel. Grippingly and intimately told, with prose as tight as a wire, The Woman in the Purple Skirt is a quick and powerful jab to the heart."
The Very Nice Box (2021)
Laura Blackett and Eve Gleichman
"A quirky, deeply satisfying, whip-smart debut that critiques corporate culture and male entitlement while also offering a heartfelt look at how to work through grief. Meticulously constructed and truly original—I inhaled it."
Our Wives Under the Sea (2022)
Julia Armfield
"I was entirely captivated by this book. A gorgeous debut."
Body Grammar (2022)
Jules Ohman
"Body Grammar is gorgeously written; it's chic, vivid, and glittering. It's also sticky with big truths and stinging heartaches. Jules Ohman is a real talent."
Dele Weds Destiny (2022)
Tomi Obaro
"Tomi Obaro has given us a wonderful novel full of richly-drawn, complicated, nuanced characters all trying to love and connect with each other. An ode to the bonds of friendship across decades, Dele Weds Destiny is a marvelous debut."
The Work Wife (2022)
Alison B Hart
"Written with great verve and flair, The Work Wife is a fascinating look at the sacrifices, challenges, and choices of three complicated women intertwined with a Hollywood mogul. A rewarding read, deeply satisfying from start to finish, this is truly one heck of a debut from Alison B. Hart."
Cyclorama (2022)
Adam Langer
"I tore through Adam Langer's Cyclorama in a weekend. It's compelling, heartfelt, has immaculate pacing, and the characters feel real and important. Truly a rewarding reading experience."
The Women Could Fly (2022)
Megan Giddings
"The Women Could Fly is one of the most exhilarating and fulfilling books I've read in years. It's wildly imaginative, funny, deep, radical, and full of suspense - I read it in one giant gulp of pleasure. Megan Giddings is truly a remarkable writer."
A Minor Chorus (2022)
Billy-Ray Belcourt
"An absolutely dazzling confluence of big ideas and raw emotions, told in Billy-Ray Belcourt's singular poetic voice. A Minor Chorus is about loving, questioning, and fighting for your life, and it's as compelling a debut novel as I've read in years."
The Old Place (2022)
Bobby Finger
"Bobby Finger's The Old Place is a wryly funny, bittersweet, emotionally generous novel. I missed the characters so much when it was over, and wished I could read another book about them all. It's a heck of a debut."

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